Poopy Clutch

Hahahaha ha…. that makes me laugh every time I say it.  It’s a brilliant idea though, check it out….


from I Still Love You

This very crafty Mom was tired of her diapers and wipes rolling around loose in her purse.  So she decided to design a cute “clutch” of their own to stick inside her purse.  I appreciate this very much.  As a Mom on the go, I don’t usually pack his entire diaper bag if I’m going somewhere for a short time.  I will just throw in a couple diapers, wipes and a burp rag.  These things would fold up nicely in this adorable clutch!  I have tons of leather scraps from my Dad, who is a Designer extraordinaire himself and runs a Leathermaking shop back home.  I think I might have to make a couple different colors even!

What do you think?


Our Wallowa Lake summer vacation!

2011 Summer Family Vacation Details:

Destination –  Wallowa Lake, OR.

Miles logged – 746

Celebrated a birthday. Rode the tram 10,000 ft up a mountain. Played mini golf.  Caught a fish.  Swam in the lake.  Raced the go-karts.  Drove the bumper boats. Took lots of walks.  Fed chipmunks.  Saw lots of deer.  Enjoyed a thunder & lightning storm.  Made S’mores with cousins.  Visited Grandma Wilson.

We had an amazing time in Wallowa County.  It was the first time Mark and the kids had ever been, but I had taken many trips there as a kid.  Our family, on my Dad’s side, homesteaded there from Pennsylvania.  In fact, there is a very old and beautiful barn still standing that my Great, Great Grandpa built in 1916.  We didn’t get to take a tour when we stopped by on Monday, but we plan to do that next time around.  My brother assures me it is spectacular.  It was good to get home and sleep in our own beds last night though.  I would love to give day by day details but I think I will let picture captions do all the work for me, otherwise it would take you forever to get through this post.  (oh, who am I kidding here, truth is I am tired, it’s late and it would take me too long to account for everything!).  I do want to say thank you to my amazing husband for a wonderful birthday celebration in the middle of our vacation, and for doing all the driving.  So without further ado, enjoy the photo montage…

Little Veda. Big chair.

Girls swimming at the north end of the lake.

My cheeky husband.

Our chubby boy chillin' in the stroller.


A big buck resting in the grass along the path.




Fun family time! It was hot, we all definitely look beat from the heat, especially Enzo!


Dinner the first night, BBQ burgers baby!


See the deer eating grass behind Veda?


Aww, so sweet!




Fish (the red things!) spawning in the river.


Lake in the morning.




Two peas in a pod.


Waiting to ride the tram up the mountain.


On the tram!




View from the tram.


A very fat (and not ashamed of it) squirrel on top of the mountain.

Did I mention the kids fed some chipmunks? (insert slew of very friendly (or pushy) chipmunk pictures…)







Nephew Hunter feeding the "swirrels".












My brother Paul's family.


The Ritchie's <3


This one's for you Grandma Trudie!



Paul and Wyatt on the go-karts.


Mandy and Hunter.


Mark and Veda.


My birthday cake!


Enzo sitting on his own!

And they got up super early three mornings in a row to go fishing…




Wyatt doesn't look very awake, does he?




Sunrise on the lake.


Mark and his catch!


the Wilson barn just outside of Joseph on Wilson Ln (of course!), built in 1916.

And then we had a little fun on the way home…

The Blue Banana in Lostine, OR (can you spot Veda?)


Claire in the blue banana!


In the blue banana on my birthday. For reals, yo.


Those three little words.


Stopped to see Grandma Wilson!


and Papa Ron!


Chew beads!

It was a fabulous trip, and we will definitely add it to our list of preferred family vacation destinations.  If you have never been, we highly recommend you go!  It’s beautiful!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!



What are they up to?

Grandma Betty sent this picture to me yesterday, and I can’t help but wonder… what private joke are the kids sharing here?

Veda and Enzo with Grandpa Bill

I guess we’ll never know…

Off on vacation! See you when we get back, and I’ll have lots of fun pictures to share! This year we get to spend a few days of our vacation with my brother Paul and his family, so there are sure to be lots and lots of photo opps!

Have a great weekend!



Texting with a Teenager – Part 2

For Part 1 – go here.

This is Claire’s last week working at Papa’s hardware store. Here’s another excerpt from a text conversation she and I had while they were off on another adventure.

(this was taken from my Samsung – Claire is the yellow, I am the blue):


Wedding fun!

Mr. & Mrs. just after they said "I do!"

My good friend Lacye was married this past Saturday.  It was a beautiful day and the setting was absolutely perfect.  The ceremony was at the Maple Leaf Events in Stevenson, Washington, along the Columbia River Gorge.  We even had a visitor later in the evening, a buck and a doe came right up to the hall (too bad I did not have my camera on me!).  A lot of hard work went into the celebration and we somehow pulled it off.  I am very happy for Lacye and Riggs, and wish them a lifetime of love and laughter!  And it was extra special fun because not only was I in the wedding, but my sister and Claire were as well!


Claire and Melina, carrying the "here comes the bride" sign

Such fun colors! It was peacock themed!

Bridesmaids (I have no idea what I am doing here, but it looks super awkward)


Super fun photo wall!

Claire and Grandma Trudie being silly!

Trudie with the Bride (she made Lacye's sash and the young girls dresses!)




Ritchie’s 2nd Annual Game Day!

Owen & Enzo holding hands, awwww!

Andrew, Leslie & George

Brandee & Enzo


The Ramberg family hooping it up!




Silas was really into the berries...


Aunt Amy & Enzo

Thank you to everyone who came out to play that day!  We are looking forward to next year, when Enzo is big enough to chase all the other little dudes around!  So much fun!



Enzo – 6 months old!

(Claire was in charge of pictures this time around, so I was supposed to entertain him)

One half of a year.  Whoa.  Slow down time!  No seriously.  Our sweet little chubby baby is now 6 months old.  He had his checkup today with Dr. Jenny and is doing fantastic.  He got the first of his vaccinations, DTAP, one shot in the leg and he cried for like a half a second.  That’s our boy!  He was a bit cranky this evening though, so it may have been giving him a little discomfort.  He’s in bed now, hopefully having sweet dreams, so I am taking advantage of that and trying to get a blog post or two done.  I’m a bit behind on updating on recent events!  That’s what happens when the busy days of summer are upon you.

Here are his stats as of today:

Weight:  20 lb. 8 oz.

Height: 27 3/8″

Appetite:  Strong – still breastfeeding, have introduced bananas, cucumbers and applesauce.  He isn’t really a fan of foods yet.  We’ll keep trying.

Personality:  100% comedian

Here are some more fun photos of Enzo this past month…



Trying some mashed bananas..



a site called Branch

I periodically get emails from a website called Branch.  They have the coolest stuff, I wish I had lots of money to spend on some things, like the following:

Abeego food storage bags

These are an alternative to plastic wrap and bags for storing food.  You can wrap up your sandwich, or snacks for the kiddos.  And instead of throwing plastic wrap over a bowl of leftovers, use the square piece that acts exactly the same!  They are a hemp/cotton blend, both biodegradable and sustainable.  Don’t throw them in your dishwasher though, they are handwash in cold water only and air dry.  But get this, they last up to one year!  I want some!

Family customizable pillow!


This is just too stinking cute!  And look at all the different images you can choose from to create your very own personalized pillow!

I love all the pets!

I would love to take more time to decorate the walls in our house with pretty art.  These prints by Petit Collage are so simple and beautiful.

Girl with a Pinwheel

I think Enzo needs this one in his room!

And this is certainly on my list of “pretty things”…

Felt ring

Happy Monday!



Ready, set, SIT!

He’s getting better every day… pretty soon we won’t remember what it was like when he wasn’t sitting no his own.  *sigh*  Definitely in no hurry for his independence, time is already flying by too fast.

I love his expression!

Is it just me, or do his feet look HUGE in this picture?



On my to-do list:

(in no particular order)

• Simplify my wardrobe. Too much time spent trying to decide what to wear everyday. Too much clutter, starting to feel claustrophobic. Want to use my accessories more as a main staple of my daily attire.

• Make something once a week to add to my Etsy shop.

• Create a new banner for the blog – I am ready for a change.

• Learn more about how to use my serger and coverstitch machine.

• Make more diaper covers for Enzo, we canceled our diaper service today so now we are on our own!

• Make a baby gift for my good friend Kira, her shower is this weekend (yikes!) Luckily, I have some ideas…

• Finish reading “the Help” before the movie comes out on the 10th. I think my Mom and I have a date planned for that flick!

• Lose a few more pounds before my friend Lacye’s wedding on the 20th, and so I can feel comfortable in a swimsuit on our vacation the following weekend.

• Keep “trimming the fat” off our monthly budget. (canceled our Netflix, hoping to get rid of cable soon!)

• Eat more fruit.

What’s on your list?