a site called Branch

I periodically get emails from a website called Branch.  They have the coolest stuff, I wish I had lots of money to spend on some things, like the following:

Abeego food storage bags

These are an alternative to plastic wrap and bags for storing food.  You can wrap up your sandwich, or snacks for the kiddos.  And instead of throwing plastic wrap over a bowl of leftovers, use the square piece that acts exactly the same!  They are a hemp/cotton blend, both biodegradable and sustainable.  Don’t throw them in your dishwasher though, they are handwash in cold water only and air dry.  But get this, they last up to one year!  I want some!

Family customizable pillow!


This is just too stinking cute!  And look at all the different images you can choose from to create your very own personalized pillow!

I love all the pets!

I would love to take more time to decorate the walls in our house with pretty art.  These prints by Petit Collage are so simple and beautiful.

Girl with a Pinwheel
I think Enzo needs this one in his room!

And this is certainly on my list of “pretty things”…

Felt ring

Happy Monday!


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