Texting with a Teenager

Claire is officially a teenager. I still can hardly believe we made it to this point. This summer, like the last couple summers, she is spending the majority of her time at her Dad’s house in the small town that I grew up in. My Dad (her Papa Ron) still lives there and owns the hardware store in town. Claire is lucky enough to have the pleasure of “working” there a few days a week. Three, to be exact. She chose the schedule and is a great junior employee, the rest of the employees like her and the customers do too. She does all kinds of fun things like make signs around the store, run the cash register occasionally (this summer was the first time they felt she was ready for that) and help to stock shelves and take inventory. I like it, because it teaches her responsibility and customer service. My Dad is always telling me how much he enjoys having her there. He was worried that this summer, since she is now a teen, he would see some mood swings or sassiness from her – but to his surprise (and mine!) he said she is perfectly happy and positive all day long! I’m very proud of her, and happy that she gets to spend so much time with Papa. They are two peas in a pod.

The fun part for me is the texting that we get to do on a daily basis while she’s gone. Our conversations are sometimes quite comical. And most always they are about the most random things. So I thought I would write some down for your entertainment. I have a whole bunch on my phone, so there’s enough for several installments! Yay! Clearly, she’s a nut, but she’s MY nut!

(this was taken from my Samsung – Claire is the yellow, I am the blue):


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