Nap time = Craft time

I might need to start this as a weekly segment.  I find myself crafting while Enzo takes a nap these days.  I specifically choose projects that I can start and finish in under 2 hours, because otherwise I would just add to my huge pile of half-finished projects because I was interrupted in the middle of it and never went back.  I am an instant gratification extraordinaire, you see.

So Enzo just took his afternoon nap and I just whipped him up a new pair of shoes!


I bought this pattern over a year ago and hadn’t made these yet.  I got a few different patterns and tried two other designs out and wasn’t very thrilled with how they turned out.  But I am pretty happy with these.


I used some fun suede that I had laying around, it’s a really pretty pattern and I hadn’t come up with a good excuse to use it yet.  I think using it for the soles of these shoes is a great use!


Okay, so they are a little big still, and they kind of look a little “girly”.  I don’t know.  I still like them and plan to make some more.  It would be nice to have them if I am chosen as a vendor at Crafty Wonderland!

And for now, at least Enzo has found another use for them…


I just investigated and found his other tooth on the bottom has popped through!  Yay!  I only hope that he starts getting back into a night time sleep routine again.  He has been very restless, waking to nurse often and the past two nights he’s had us up at 4am awake and ready to hang out.  Mark took him out and sat with him last night, bless his heart.  He’s wearing us out, but we totally understand and realize this too shall pass.

And congrats to my friend Kira, she had her beautiful baby girl yesterday!  Welcome Pearl Iris, we can’t wait to meet you!



When she was little…

Last night, after the girls had been in bed for over an hour, they each made their way one last time down the creakity stairs.  For Veda it was one last trip to the bathroom before she fell asleep for good and slept like a log the whole night (literally this girl could sleep through a jet plane landing on the roof, not that I am ever hoping that will happen since we live next to the airport, but you get the idea).  For Claire it was to ask me if I could scratch her back, for the second time that evening.

While I sat next to her in the dark, well, as dark as it can be with her night light on (she’s gonna kill me for spilling that, but I figure I already divulged it in my rendition of her poem, so it’s old news), I chuckled a little bit when I remembered this same scenario only about 10 years ago.  When she was younger, probably around 2 1/2 or 3, and was having a hard time settling into sleep, I would offer to rub her back.  Sometimes I would sit there and rub until she was fully asleep and then try and tiptoe out of her room without her waking (she is the worlds lightest sleeper).  Other times, if I had something else that I wanted to do once she was asleep, like call a friend or watch a tv show, I would be impatient and only rub her back for a couple minutes.  This didn’t usually go over well with her and I would end up back in her room a few minutes later to try the process again.  She was kind of difficult at bedtime back then.

But a few years ago, the rubbing her back each night somehow changed to her asking for me to “scratch her back”.

So tonight, as I started to scratch her tired shoulders, I realized that I don’t even get this kind of spa treatment.  Which begged me to ask the question, “where did I go wrong?”.  Haha.  She is a smart cookie.

And she knows that every time she asks, my answer has always been, and will always be, yes.


Sometimes I am selfish

image from How Sweet It Is

I made peanut butter pie tonight for the first time.  I had been thinking about it for the last couple months, ever since I read this emotional blog post.  And also after having the most delicious slice of pie ever made by my friend Kira’s sister-in-law at her baby shower.

But this time, after making my dessert, I didn’t give the girls the beaters to lick off whatever yummy, creamy and usually very fattening deliciousness, like I normally do.


I licked them myself.  Both of them.  Really quick so they wouldn’t walk in the kitchen and catch me.

But then after I filled the two pie crusts with the peanut buttery decadence, I suddenly felt incredibly selfish.

So I gave them each a spatula and let them lick the bowl instead.

That’s how much I love my children.



Crafty Wonderland!

I did it!

I applied to be a vendor at this year’s Crafty Wonderland being held at the Convention Center in December.  I will find out if I am selected on October 7th.  Wish me luck!

Here’s a peak of what my booth will have to offer if I get in…

Cloth dolls


Onesies with fabric appliques, some will have ruffle bottoms and some will have matching jammy pants!

Happy weekend!



I Am From

Claire had a class assignment due this week that required her to write a poem titled “I Am From”.  It’s really quite good and so I thought I would share it with you!  (Don’t worry, I got her permission first, you know how writers can be about their personal work).

I’m from salt crackers, topped with butter
   that leave crumbs on Grandma Trudie’s couch.
   and from P.B. & J.‘s without the P.B.

I’m from giant yellow Teletubbies,
   blankets draped over kitchen chairs,
    and talking to friends that only I can see.

I’m from Grandpa Howard, Grandpa Les,
     and both Grandma Phyllis‘s.

I’m from “one, two, that’s twelve”,
   randomly breaking into song,
   and terrible dancing in public.

I’m from a countless amount of cousins,
   all younger than me.
I’m from dealing with small children,
   Poking, pinching, arguing, and whining.

I’m from “here comes the sun”.
   And “hit me with your best shot!”
I’m from first days of school with no front teeth,
   And rainbow striped tights.

I’m from skipping through Wal-Mart and
   Having Tootie-Frootie’s for dinner.
I’m from trampolines,
   And mud-pies.

I’m from black spandex, and the squeaking
    of fresh new Nike’s on the gym floor.

I’m from 2 hour drives to the middle of nowhere,
    And getting lost on country roads.
I’m from cattle guards and sagebrush.

I’m also from skyscrapers, tall bridges,
   And 100’s of apartment windows on every block.

I’m from neon painted fingernails,
   And colored-on skinnies.
From Converse, Vans, and mis-match socks.
I’m from peace signs, hearts, and bubble letter doodles.

I’m from living two lives.
   From two houses, two cities, two families.
I’m from hunting and fishing with dad,
   And from 12 hour volleyball tournaments with mom.


I’m from styles coming back from the 80’s,
   And styles that probably never should’ve existed anyways.

I’m from Christmas Eve bets on card games,
   gingersnap cookies, warm eggnog, and overcooked turkey.

I’m from “If you’re not weird, you’re not grand.”
That’s where I’m from.

Disclaimer:  I would like to mention that the eating cereal for dinner would happen at her Dad’s house, not mine.  Just saying.

I thought it would be interesting if the teacher had the parents write their version for their child.  I think mine would go something like this:

Claire’s from mac-n-cheese, grilled cheese or cheese quesadillas
From night lights, slamming doors and arguing over everything

She’s from writing stories, hip hop classes and volleyball year-round
And from Disney channel, Hannah Montana and American Idol

She’s from any color but pink, to neon pink Vans
From giving me grey hair to making my heart melt with pride
And from grocery store meltdowns, to the best big sister

She’s from me, that’s where she’s from.

Haha, she’d probably not appreciate some of that.  But hey, I say it like it is.  : )



Enzo – 7 months!


Our beautiful little boy is 7 months old today!  He celebrated by pooping twice, yes TWICE!  Woot!  Haha.. I miss the days of the poo resulting from a breastmilk-only diet.  It was far less stinky and messy!  My gag senses are getting a work out now, for sure!  And I’m having to up the laundry a bit because there is no way those poopy diapers can sit in his hamper.

Agh!  More poop talk. Sorry!  That’s it though, that’s all I had to say about that.

Let’s see, what have we been up to this week?


Enzo got his first tooth this week, it’s barely poking through the skin but man is it SHARP!  Clearly he was enjoying his tube of teething gel, going straight to the source.


It is getting to be a bit chilly outside (well, it was, now suddenly we are blessed with some more heat. Last little summer push, can you believe next weekend is OCTOBER!?)  and that means that we have brought out the footie jammies!  Yes!  I love babies in footie pajamas.  I especially love to snuggle him.  I think he was doing some baby aerobics when I took that picture.  He’s more flexible than I am, no doubt about that.  Speaking of which, I have a year membership to Yoga that I need to activate before it expires in November.  I purchased it through Groupon, it was a steal of a deal!  I should sit down and look at the schedule and decide a couple times a week that I can go.


Today we enjoyed the nice weather and took a stroll around the neighborhood. Enzo was used to going on walks everyday, multiple times a day, when he was being babysat by the Grandma’s this summer.  But we haven’t gone on many since I quit my job.  So it was nice to get out today and enjoy the sunshine.


As you can see, he’s chewing on EVERYTHING.  He doesn’t discriminate, even dirty socks get some slobber time.


I like to refer to that series of photos as “Got tongue?”  Mark was making him laugh while I was snapping pictures of him in his 7 month onesie and for some reason the tongue was just stealing the show.  He’s such a ham!

Oh, and of course, I’ve been getting crafty!  Here are a couple peaks at what I’m cooking up for the Crafty Wonderland.  I have to apply by Friday!  I’ve got a lot of work to do!  But what do you think so far?

Boy doll


Girl doll

Oh, before I go, I must share these adorable pictures of Enzo getting loves from our friends Tony and Julie.  Aren’t they sweet?


Talk to you soon!



Kira’s baby shower!


I want to preface this post by saying that I am definitely not a professional photographer.  That is very clearly illustrated by the following photos and I will explain as I go. 

I attended my friend Kira’s baby shower out at work yesterday.  It was great to see my peeps and everyone got a kick out of Enzo.  It was right around his nap time and he doesn’t sleep easily in the new sit-up carseat we got for him, so he was a tad cranky.  Luckily I had those chew beads for him!  Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I am so excited to meet little Pearl when she blasts into this world next month!

Handmade sign my friend Karen's Mom made for Kira. You may remember the one she made for Enzo, they are beautiful! She needs to start selling these!

First mistake, I once again did not get any pictures of the mom-to-be, except for this one where she is sitting at the table opening gifts.

I should have at least moved the soda bottles out of the way!

I will say in my defense though, that I think I do this subconsciously.  I know when I was super pregnant, the last thing I wanted was for people to take my picture.  Let’s face it, towards the end you feel gigantic and the camera adding those extra 10 pounds is seriously unfair.  When you are this close to your due date, those 10 pounds may as well be 100.  So there, I had her best interest in mind.  Or something.

So here is the finished gift that I made for little Pearl.

personalized onesie and bunny doll

(I really need to think of a better thing to stand the dolls up besides that green napkin holder, I mean really.)





If Enzo was a girl, he'd have ruffles on the seat of all his outfits! I swear!

This is our friend Tiffany with Enzo.  She has two beautiful blonde boys of her own.  I know she was getting her baby fix on yesterday, her youngest is 2 1/2 already.  Enzo didn’t mind one bit!

Pay no attention to the naked mannequin in the background, it's the nature of the business...(again, I should have taken notice of the background here and moved him, or maybe had her pose next to him like it was on purpose?)

Congratulations Kira!  Hurry up Pearl, we can’t wait to meet you!!



A sneak peak and some poop talk

::Content warning::  This post may contain the subject of poop.


craft sneak peak

Has it really been a week since I last posted?  Oops, sorry about that!  I don’t have any excuses.  Well, actually I could say that I tried to post yesterday after I put Enzo down for an afternoon nap, but as soon as I got started on it Claire called to say she missed her bus.  So I had to load the baby in the carseat, thankfully he fell back to sleep, pick up Claire and two of her friends that live close by, come back home and put Enzo back into his swing to finish his nap, and by that time I’d lost my gusto (is that a word?).  And this morning I tried to do a post again but when I finished and hit “save draft” to proofread it, it somehow magically disappeared.  And again, I just couldn’t type it out again.  So this is actually my third attempt at a blog post, this time I am control-c’ing my way along so I don’t lose it again.

The picture above is a little sneak peak of the craft project I did this week for my friend Kira’s baby shower tomorrow.  I will post pictures tomorrow of the finished project, after I give it to her because, duh, she reads my blog!  Hi Kira!  She is having a fun giveaway on her blog, you should check it out!

Claire made the 8th grade volleyball team and their first game was this afternoon.  They play so much better this year than they did last year, it’s really amazing the difference a year makes!  Claire’s serves (overhand, yay!) are looking fabulous.  And she is actually jumping off the ground this year as a hitter!  I’m so proud of her!  They did really good today and got a win.  I told her I wanted to get a green pom pom and she immediately said “no!”.  Actually here’s how the conversation went:

Me: I was thinking I want to pick up a green pom p…

Claire: NO!

Me: What? but I want it for when you…

Claire: NO!

Me:  Oh, come on, I would just say “yay!” and wave it in the air…

Claire: NO!

Me:  I guess you aren’t going to approve the cheerleading uniform I made either then, huh?  (totally kidding…or am I?)

Claire:  *groan*

Apparently waving a tiny little pom pom to show a little Pacer pride would embarrass her.  Hmmph.  I might do it anyway.  Grandma Trudie is threatening to make buttons with her button-maker.

Veda is enjoying being at the top of the elementary school this year as a 5th grader.  The other day she says, “I’ve figured out how to have fun at recess, see the cool kids play football and the normal kids play catch the flag”.  So I say, “wait a minute, did you say the cool kids and then the normal kids?”  She smiles and nods her head.  I like the way she thinks.  She told me that she didn’t really want to be a cool kid because she doesn’t like sports that much.  Isn’t it interesting how the jocks have been considered the “cool kids” since even before our parents generation?  When are the nerds going to take over that status??  I love nerds.  She is going to be a busy ballerina this year with dance class four times a week.  But that just means her spring recital is going to be more exciting than ever!

As promised, now I will get to the poop talk… The other day, Mark… no, just kidding – it has to do with Enzo of course.  I stopped giving him solid foods because the carrots he had last week sort of blocked him up a bit.  He hadn’t pooped since Saturday and by yesterday it was causing him pain when he would try and go.  It was definitely a painful cry as opposed to a hungry or mad or tired cry.  I gave him a little suppository and an hour later he had a pretty good poop, even though it still hurt.  Hopefully his system gets back on track soon, poor little guy.  No more solid foods for awhile I think, obviously his body wasn’t totally ready for it.  And we aren’t in any hurry, he’s getting all he needs from my breastmilk.

Enzo did really good at his sister’s volleyball game today.  It probably brought back a lot of memories from the womb, since while I was pregnant he endured A LOT of volleyball (school season and club too).  He sat happily on my lap and chewed his beads.


And even got to join in the team meeting following the game…


We hope you have had a good week!  Not a lot on our agenda this weekend except I plan to do a ton of crafting to prepare for the upcoming Crafty Wonderland at the convention center in December.  I have until September 23rd to apply so I need to get busy.  The girls are with their other parents this weekend, so it’ll just be Mark and I and the baby.  Mark has soccer on Sunday, if it’s going to be cooler than last Sunday then Enzo and I will go watch him.



Our weekend in pictures

Happy Monday!  Here is a recap of our weekend!

Saturday started off pretty chill…

Saturday morning snuggles with sister

We cleaned up the house, Veda doing most of it (I love this new “chores” approach!).  Enzo helped by looking smart…

looking smart

There was some playtime with Dad…


And some music lessons, but clearly Enzo doesn’t need them since he’s a natural.  Illustrated here by how well he plays the comb…

he's a natural talent

There was some tummy time…

he wasn't having fun

I got crafty for our friend Connie’s baby shower… (tutorial found here)

Happy Fox



They don’t know if they are having a boy or a girl (it’s a surprise) so I figured green was a safe neutral color.  This was my second attempt.. here’s the first..

there was room for improvement

I learned that I did not need to stuff the tail (it ended up looking like a third leg or something), and the nose needed to be more underneath the eyes.  And I needed to use larger seam allowances on the body so the ears were at the ends, and didn’t have corners like this.  But I made this one out of the same material I used for Enzo’s crib bedding, so now it’s his new fox friend!

Fox friends

And then the kids and I attended Connie’s baby shower hosted by her sweet Mother-in-law Peggy.  It was great to see Connie looking beautiful as ever, she’s due in late October.  And lots of other friends!  I had to borrow some pictures from our friend Sara because although I took my camera, I never got it out of the diaper bag while we were there.  And sadly, I don’t have pictures of the mom-to-be.  Boo.

party time


our little friend Matilda


mister cheeky


sister love

Sara posted this next picture on Facebook with a caption of “this guy…hit of the party” and she was right!  He got passed around from lady to lady and he was loving every second.  He was the youngest of the kids in attendance and everybody enjoyed squeezing his chubby thighs.  That’s our boy!

hit of the party

Seeing these fun pictures that she took with her iPhone makes me want to ditch my Droid.  It takes the crappiest, most boring pictures ever!  Does anyone have any good tips for remedying this?  Do you have a Droid and are there any cool camera apps for it?

Then we went to Rossi Farms to watch a free movie out on their lawn to support Parkrose Outdoor School.  They were showing Rio, it was really cute.  There were lots of families and they had free popcorn and apples.  Donations were gladly accepted.  It’s a neat little farm in the middle of the city sprawl, it’s been there since 1911.  We had never been even though it sits in the backyard of the Middle School Claire attends.  We’ll have to go there when they have their produce for sale, we love to support local growers.


More tummy time…

this time he was enjoying it

I had several pairs of jeans that didn’t fit me anymore, but they were all flared or boot cut.  I had Claire try them on and she fit them okay, but she only wears them skinny.   So I used a pair of skinny jeans that Claire likes and made them to match.

her left leg is before, and her right leg is after

Puppy loves…

giving Charlie some pats

and big smiles…


I have some more crafting to do this week for my friend Kira’s baby shower at work.  Even though I don’t work there anymore, I am still invited (I actually insisted they include me) so Enzo and I will be going out there on Friday for that.  I desperately need to clean up my sewing room though, it’s a disaster.  And since Enzo is napping right now, I am going to finish this blog post and go do that before he wakes up!



Cry it out.

Sleeping like a baby!

Clearly, I am not good at this strategy.  At all.  I don’t like to hear a baby crying, let alone my OWN baby crying if there is something I can do to make him stop.  But I am trying to get him on a regular nap schedule and I am reading a book suggested by our Naturopath, called “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child“.  In this book, the author/doctor suggests the “letting them cry” method.  One morning I took the advice of a mother quoted in the book and put Enzo down in his crib, and promptly got in the shower.  I knew that if he was crying I would ultimately pick him up, but if I couldn’t hear him then perhaps he would tire out before I was done and drift off to dreamland.  But that’s not exactly what happened.  As soon as I turned the water off I could hear him crying.  So I quickly dried off, grabbed my bathrobe and went in to pick him up.  The second his head was on my shoulder he immediately fell asleep.  I then laid him back down in his crib and he slept for about a half an hour.  Boo.

So this week has been a test of my patience, and faith in that book’s teachings when it comes to how long I will let him cry.  Luckily I have a few tricks up my sleeve myself, including playing the music from his swing that lulled him to sleep from his first days at home while he is laying in his crib (okay, actually I can’t take credit for that because when I was trying to figure out how to make some white noise happen in his room, Claire went and grabbed his swing so technically this was her idea).  He took a great nap this morning actually in that swing.  But his afternoon nap was taken in the crib, as the swing played music from the floor.

All of these naps meant I was super productive in the cleaning/organizing arena today!  I organized our laundry/pantry room which included making sense of the jumbled up mess of muffin tins, holiday plates and the eclectic mix of electrical appliances we have (three crockpots, say what? Moms, are either of you missing yours?).  I also put all the board games inside of our dining table bench.  It feels so good to finally be taking care of the clutter instead of just tripping around it.  Therapeutic really.  And lord knows, I love me some therapy.  Retail is usually my therapy of choice, but that’s not in the cards for awhile with our new frugal lifestyle  : )  So cleaning it is!

We had our first dinner at the table as a family of five tonight.  Mark and I made yakisoba noodles and orange chicken, with fried tofu for the non-meat eater and Enzo enjoyed the rest of his jar of carrots.  He’s really getting into this eating food thing.

Claire had volleyball tryouts after school today and again tomorrow for the 8th grade team at Parkrose.  She played last year, plus playing club ball all spring so she’s pretty confident about making the team.  She is more concerned with what position the coach is going to give her.  So far it sounds like she will be 1 of 2 setters, which is a very important role in my opinion.  But it’s not a position she loves necessarily, so we’ll see.  She has improved so much from last year to this year and I can’t wait to get the season started!

Veda did a couple chores off the list tonight, and I have to say, after dusting she put the stuff back on the fireplace mantle in a better arrangement than it was originally.  She has a good eye, that one.

I have some crafting to do tomorrow, our good friend Connie is having a baby shower on Saturday – I need to get busy!  It’s amazing how this stuff always sneaks up on me, or rather how I seem to always wait until the very last minute.  But I have a plan!  That’s something!