A sneak peak and some poop talk

::Content warning::  This post may contain the subject of poop.


craft sneak peak

Has it really been a week since I last posted?  Oops, sorry about that!  I don’t have any excuses.  Well, actually I could say that I tried to post yesterday after I put Enzo down for an afternoon nap, but as soon as I got started on it Claire called to say she missed her bus.  So I had to load the baby in the carseat, thankfully he fell back to sleep, pick up Claire and two of her friends that live close by, come back home and put Enzo back into his swing to finish his nap, and by that time I’d lost my gusto (is that a word?).  And this morning I tried to do a post again but when I finished and hit “save draft” to proofread it, it somehow magically disappeared.  And again, I just couldn’t type it out again.  So this is actually my third attempt at a blog post, this time I am control-c’ing my way along so I don’t lose it again.

The picture above is a little sneak peak of the craft project I did this week for my friend Kira’s baby shower tomorrow.  I will post pictures tomorrow of the finished project, after I give it to her because, duh, she reads my blog!  Hi Kira!  She is having a fun giveaway on her blog, you should check it out!

Claire made the 8th grade volleyball team and their first game was this afternoon.  They play so much better this year than they did last year, it’s really amazing the difference a year makes!  Claire’s serves (overhand, yay!) are looking fabulous.  And she is actually jumping off the ground this year as a hitter!  I’m so proud of her!  They did really good today and got a win.  I told her I wanted to get a green pom pom and she immediately said “no!”.  Actually here’s how the conversation went:

Me: I was thinking I want to pick up a green pom p…

Claire: NO!

Me: What? but I want it for when you…

Claire: NO!

Me:  Oh, come on, I would just say “yay!” and wave it in the air…

Claire: NO!

Me:  I guess you aren’t going to approve the cheerleading uniform I made either then, huh?  (totally kidding…or am I?)

Claire:  *groan*

Apparently waving a tiny little pom pom to show a little Pacer pride would embarrass her.  Hmmph.  I might do it anyway.  Grandma Trudie is threatening to make buttons with her button-maker.

Veda is enjoying being at the top of the elementary school this year as a 5th grader.  The other day she says, “I’ve figured out how to have fun at recess, see the cool kids play football and the normal kids play catch the flag”.  So I say, “wait a minute, did you say the cool kids and then the normal kids?”  She smiles and nods her head.  I like the way she thinks.  She told me that she didn’t really want to be a cool kid because she doesn’t like sports that much.  Isn’t it interesting how the jocks have been considered the “cool kids” since even before our parents generation?  When are the nerds going to take over that status??  I love nerds.  She is going to be a busy ballerina this year with dance class four times a week.  But that just means her spring recital is going to be more exciting than ever!

As promised, now I will get to the poop talk… The other day, Mark… no, just kidding – it has to do with Enzo of course.  I stopped giving him solid foods because the carrots he had last week sort of blocked him up a bit.  He hadn’t pooped since Saturday and by yesterday it was causing him pain when he would try and go.  It was definitely a painful cry as opposed to a hungry or mad or tired cry.  I gave him a little suppository and an hour later he had a pretty good poop, even though it still hurt.  Hopefully his system gets back on track soon, poor little guy.  No more solid foods for awhile I think, obviously his body wasn’t totally ready for it.  And we aren’t in any hurry, he’s getting all he needs from my breastmilk.

Enzo did really good at his sister’s volleyball game today.  It probably brought back a lot of memories from the womb, since while I was pregnant he endured A LOT of volleyball (school season and club too).  He sat happily on my lap and chewed his beads.


And even got to join in the team meeting following the game…


We hope you have had a good week!  Not a lot on our agenda this weekend except I plan to do a ton of crafting to prepare for the upcoming Crafty Wonderland at the convention center in December.  I have until September 23rd to apply so I need to get busy.  The girls are with their other parents this weekend, so it’ll just be Mark and I and the baby.  Mark has soccer on Sunday, if it’s going to be cooler than last Sunday then Enzo and I will go watch him.


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  1. I’m really excited about my gift now!

    Also, Enzo really loves those beads! I think I might need to get a set of those for little Pearl. Maybe white ones. They should probably look like pearls, right?

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