Day one as an SAHM


Or stay-at-home Mom, for those that aren’t in the know.  I hope you like dashed phrases because this post is full of them!  Not sure why, just feeling that way today.

Finally both kids are in bed (we don’t have Veda until tomorrow). And the older one made more of a fuss than the tiny one! Couldn’t find her jeans she was planning to wear tomorrow (first day of school), major freak out twenty minutes before bedtime, only to find them folded and put away (clearly thats what threw her off since normally they are just laying in a heap on the floor) in her dresser. Funny part is, SHE put them there.  Oy vey.

I think I am more exhausted right now from my first day as a SAHM than I was from working all day at Columbia. No joke. Different kind of exhaustion though, I guess. Enzo is definitely working on some teeth so he was a little fussy today and needed constant interaction. But he was also having moments of hilarity, making a fake cough/laugh noise all day, he was born with wit what can I say?

I wish this would've turned out better, but seriously, it makes me lol every time i look at it.

But his lack of “downtime” made it so I had a hard time being productive in other areas, such as my giant sized to-do list I have for myself. I did manage to do several loads of laundry, including the inner shower curtain that has been grossing me out for weeks. And we tackled the much-larger-than-anticipated task of cleaning Claire’s room.


She has not only outgrown all her clothes this summer but she has also outgrown most of her books and toys. Plus, her room is a disaster anyway so it needed some re-organization. Mark and I will be laying down some new house rules and among them will be things like 1. Clean clothes are put away immediately. 2. Dirty clothes go in a hamper, not on the floor. So with all the items Claire has outgrown, I am trying to decide whether to donate or try my hand at Ebay. I have sold things on Ebay before and I am always stressed out about the business of shipping. I had an item not arrive at its destination once, according to the buyer, so I had to refund the person their money.  The whole thing just makes me nervous. But I also like the idea of selling things rather than giving them, especially since a lot of the stuff is practically brand new! I listed some shirts in a “lot” assortment, so we will see how it goes.

Enzo did okay with carrots this morning. He took about five bites before he became completely disinterested. That’s about three more than last time though. Progress!

He also did some johnny-jumping.


He was loving his Clifford the Big Red Dog that Grandma Trudie got him a few weeks ago. They shared several laughs today, both real and fake.




(Looking at these pictures, I just  noticed that he had three outfit changes today…woah)

Tomorrow is the first day of school for Claire. Veda started up today. Enzo has five more years before we have to deal with any of that business.  Phew.

Our loving and wonderful Aunt Rachel is in the hospital today, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  We love you Aunt Rachel, please feel better soon!!


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