Enzo – 7 months!


Our beautiful little boy is 7 months old today!  He celebrated by pooping twice, yes TWICE!  Woot!  Haha.. I miss the days of the poo resulting from a breastmilk-only diet.  It was far less stinky and messy!  My gag senses are getting a work out now, for sure!  And I’m having to up the laundry a bit because there is no way those poopy diapers can sit in his hamper.

Agh!  More poop talk. Sorry!  That’s it though, that’s all I had to say about that.

Let’s see, what have we been up to this week?


Enzo got his first tooth this week, it’s barely poking through the skin but man is it SHARP!  Clearly he was enjoying his tube of teething gel, going straight to the source.


It is getting to be a bit chilly outside (well, it was, now suddenly we are blessed with some more heat. Last little summer push, can you believe next weekend is OCTOBER!?)  and that means that we have brought out the footie jammies!  Yes!  I love babies in footie pajamas.  I especially love to snuggle him.  I think he was doing some baby aerobics when I took that picture.  He’s more flexible than I am, no doubt about that.  Speaking of which, I have a year membership to Yoga that I need to activate before it expires in November.  I purchased it through Groupon, it was a steal of a deal!  I should sit down and look at the schedule and decide a couple times a week that I can go.


Today we enjoyed the nice weather and took a stroll around the neighborhood. Enzo was used to going on walks everyday, multiple times a day, when he was being babysat by the Grandma’s this summer.  But we haven’t gone on many since I quit my job.  So it was nice to get out today and enjoy the sunshine.


As you can see, he’s chewing on EVERYTHING.  He doesn’t discriminate, even dirty socks get some slobber time.


I like to refer to that series of photos as “Got tongue?”  Mark was making him laugh while I was snapping pictures of him in his 7 month onesie and for some reason the tongue was just stealing the show.  He’s such a ham!

Oh, and of course, I’ve been getting crafty!  Here are a couple peaks at what I’m cooking up for the Crafty Wonderland.  I have to apply by Friday!  I’ve got a lot of work to do!  But what do you think so far?

Boy doll


Girl doll

Oh, before I go, I must share these adorable pictures of Enzo getting loves from our friends Tony and Julie.  Aren’t they sweet?


Talk to you soon!


  • Kira says:

    Your dolls are looking cute, and so is your son! I love the tongue pictures.

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks Kira! I’m having fun with creating different hairstyles for the girl dolls. And I decided the boy doll will just have a t-shirt incorporated into his body (adding short sleeves over his arms with fabric to match upper body) because doll-sized clothes are HARD TO DO! The girls dress is fun though, I had never done smocking before it’s SO EASY!

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