Kira’s baby shower!


I want to preface this post by saying that I am definitely not a professional photographer.  That is very clearly illustrated by the following photos and I will explain as I go. 

I attended my friend Kira’s baby shower out at work yesterday.  It was great to see my peeps and everyone got a kick out of Enzo.  It was right around his nap time and he doesn’t sleep easily in the new sit-up carseat we got for him, so he was a tad cranky.  Luckily I had those chew beads for him!  Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I am so excited to meet little Pearl when she blasts into this world next month!

Handmade sign my friend Karen's Mom made for Kira. You may remember the one she made for Enzo, they are beautiful! She needs to start selling these!

First mistake, I once again did not get any pictures of the mom-to-be, except for this one where she is sitting at the table opening gifts.

I should have at least moved the soda bottles out of the way!

I will say in my defense though, that I think I do this subconsciously.  I know when I was super pregnant, the last thing I wanted was for people to take my picture.  Let’s face it, towards the end you feel gigantic and the camera adding those extra 10 pounds is seriously unfair.  When you are this close to your due date, those 10 pounds may as well be 100.  So there, I had her best interest in mind.  Or something.

So here is the finished gift that I made for little Pearl.

personalized onesie and bunny doll

(I really need to think of a better thing to stand the dolls up besides that green napkin holder, I mean really.)





If Enzo was a girl, he'd have ruffles on the seat of all his outfits! I swear!

This is our friend Tiffany with Enzo.  She has two beautiful blonde boys of her own.  I know she was getting her baby fix on yesterday, her youngest is 2 1/2 already.  Enzo didn’t mind one bit!

Pay no attention to the naked mannequin in the background, it's the nature of the business...(again, I should have taken notice of the background here and moved him, or maybe had her pose next to him like it was on purpose?)

Congratulations Kira!  Hurry up Pearl, we can’t wait to meet you!!


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