Nap time = Craft time

I might need to start this as a weekly segment.  I find myself crafting while Enzo takes a nap these days.  I specifically choose projects that I can start and finish in under 2 hours, because otherwise I would just add to my huge pile of half-finished projects because I was interrupted in the middle of it and never went back.  I am an instant gratification extraordinaire, you see.

So Enzo just took his afternoon nap and I just whipped him up a new pair of shoes!


I bought this pattern over a year ago and hadn’t made these yet.  I got a few different patterns and tried two other designs out and wasn’t very thrilled with how they turned out.  But I am pretty happy with these.


I used some fun suede that I had laying around, it’s a really pretty pattern and I hadn’t come up with a good excuse to use it yet.  I think using it for the soles of these shoes is a great use!


Okay, so they are a little big still, and they kind of look a little “girly”.  I don’t know.  I still like them and plan to make some more.  It would be nice to have them if I am chosen as a vendor at Crafty Wonderland!

And for now, at least Enzo has found another use for them…


I just investigated and found his other tooth on the bottom has popped through!  Yay!  I only hope that he starts getting back into a night time sleep routine again.  He has been very restless, waking to nurse often and the past two nights he’s had us up at 4am awake and ready to hang out.  Mark took him out and sat with him last night, bless his heart.  He’s wearing us out, but we totally understand and realize this too shall pass.

And congrats to my friend Kira, she had her beautiful baby girl yesterday!  Welcome Pearl Iris, we can’t wait to meet you!


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