Our weekend in pictures

Happy Monday!  Here is a recap of our weekend!

Saturday started off pretty chill…

Saturday morning snuggles with sister

We cleaned up the house, Veda doing most of it (I love this new “chores” approach!).  Enzo helped by looking smart…

looking smart

There was some playtime with Dad…


And some music lessons, but clearly Enzo doesn’t need them since he’s a natural.  Illustrated here by how well he plays the comb…

he's a natural talent

There was some tummy time…

he wasn't having fun

I got crafty for our friend Connie’s baby shower… (tutorial found here)

Happy Fox



They don’t know if they are having a boy or a girl (it’s a surprise) so I figured green was a safe neutral color.  This was my second attempt.. here’s the first..

there was room for improvement

I learned that I did not need to stuff the tail (it ended up looking like a third leg or something), and the nose needed to be more underneath the eyes.  And I needed to use larger seam allowances on the body so the ears were at the ends, and didn’t have corners like this.  But I made this one out of the same material I used for Enzo’s crib bedding, so now it’s his new fox friend!

Fox friends

And then the kids and I attended Connie’s baby shower hosted by her sweet Mother-in-law Peggy.  It was great to see Connie looking beautiful as ever, she’s due in late October.  And lots of other friends!  I had to borrow some pictures from our friend Sara because although I took my camera, I never got it out of the diaper bag while we were there.  And sadly, I don’t have pictures of the mom-to-be.  Boo.

party time


our little friend Matilda


mister cheeky


sister love

Sara posted this next picture on Facebook with a caption of “this guy…hit of the party” and she was right!  He got passed around from lady to lady and he was loving every second.  He was the youngest of the kids in attendance and everybody enjoyed squeezing his chubby thighs.  That’s our boy!

hit of the party

Seeing these fun pictures that she took with her iPhone makes me want to ditch my Droid.  It takes the crappiest, most boring pictures ever!  Does anyone have any good tips for remedying this?  Do you have a Droid and are there any cool camera apps for it?

Then we went to Rossi Farms to watch a free movie out on their lawn to support Parkrose Outdoor School.  They were showing Rio, it was really cute.  There were lots of families and they had free popcorn and apples.  Donations were gladly accepted.  It’s a neat little farm in the middle of the city sprawl, it’s been there since 1911.  We had never been even though it sits in the backyard of the Middle School Claire attends.  We’ll have to go there when they have their produce for sale, we love to support local growers.


More tummy time…

this time he was enjoying it

I had several pairs of jeans that didn’t fit me anymore, but they were all flared or boot cut.  I had Claire try them on and she fit them okay, but she only wears them skinny.   So I used a pair of skinny jeans that Claire likes and made them to match.

her left leg is before, and her right leg is after

Puppy loves…

giving Charlie some pats

and big smiles…


I have some more crafting to do this week for my friend Kira’s baby shower at work.  Even though I don’t work there anymore, I am still invited (I actually insisted they include me) so Enzo and I will be going out there on Friday for that.  I desperately need to clean up my sewing room though, it’s a disaster.  And since Enzo is napping right now, I am going to finish this blog post and go do that before he wakes up!


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  1. I love your little foxes!

    And, Enzo really seemed to be hating tummy time, lol.

    Are you coming to the shower here on Friday? Also, you should enter my giveaway.

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