Sometimes I am selfish

image from How Sweet It Is

I made peanut butter pie tonight for the first time.  I had been thinking about it for the last couple months, ever since I read this emotional blog post.  And also after having the most delicious slice of pie ever made by my friend Kira’s sister-in-law at her baby shower.

But this time, after making my dessert, I didn’t give the girls the beaters to lick off whatever yummy, creamy and usually very fattening deliciousness, like I normally do.


I licked them myself.  Both of them.  Really quick so they wouldn’t walk in the kitchen and catch me.

But then after I filled the two pie crusts with the peanut buttery decadence, I suddenly felt incredibly selfish.

So I gave them each a spatula and let them lick the bowl instead.

That’s how much I love my children.


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