Taking a big leap

I am not usually one to take risks.  I like routine.  I like structure.  I appreciate financial security. But on the Monday before last, I did something that one may consider was a “leap of faith”.

I quit my job.

After much discussion, and utter panic at the thought of turning Enzo over to a stranger’s care (daycare), Mark and I made the decision that we would live frugally and downsize to one income so that I could stay home with Enzo.  I am more than excited at this opportunity and am hopeful of only great things in the future.  Of course, my hope and optimism hasn’t exactly been mirrored in my husbands eyes, but I can’t blame him.  As the one bringing in the income and providing the insurance, that’s a huge responsibility.  I am not taking for granted the sacrifice he is making in order for this to happen.  The sacrifice of sleeping soundly.

But as I said, I have huge hopes and as my father-in-law so kindly put it in a comment on the previous post (thanks Bill, you are the sweetest!!), my “head is spinning with great ideas”.  And now I will have the time to devote to these and turn my dream into a reality.  I plan to get productive in my sewing room and fill my Etsy shop.  I also hope to do a website geared towards shopping for “the littles” in your life, a directory if you will, for our lovely city.  And if possible, I will hopefully get to do some work as a Nanny for friends who are having babies in the very near future.  All while getting to be there as my little boy grows and learns, and steer my extremely hormonal and smart-mouthed teenage daughter in the right direction.

AWESOME.  *sigh*

But even though the future seems bright and full of possibilities, I am also saying goodbye to a bunch of good friends at Columbia, where I have worked the past four years.  So it is definitely bittersweet.

Beautiful friends to take with me beyond my work life - Elena, Kira, Sombra and Karen (at my wedding in 2009)

Today they threw me a party complete with the most delicious homemade desserts a girl-who-loves-sweets could ask for!  My entire team each made a homemade dessert (sorry Katie, I didn’t get a picture of your brownies, but everyone was smitten with them!).  I love HOMEMADE anything, it’s very thoughtful!

Lemon & Lavender cupcakes with goat cheese frosting by Elena (she even made the little signs, too cute!)
Oreo chocolate cupcakes by Karen - I had a really hard time finishing the whole thing, it was so rich and yummy!


DELICIOUS blackberry pie by Crystal, I was teasing that I wanted to crawl inside of it but really I was serious.
Confetti cake cookies with icing flowers, so pretty! by the adorable Heather.

And thanks to my supervisor Pam for the “water with gas” – or sparkling water.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who came and wished me well.  I will miss you all, but I will definitely be back to visit!  I hope you’ll keep in touch!

I am truly blessed!  Tomorrow is my last day in the office.  It will be an afternoon where I will need to keep tissue handy, I do believe.



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