When she was little…

Last night, after the girls had been in bed for over an hour, they each made their way one last time down the creakity stairs.  For Veda it was one last trip to the bathroom before she fell asleep for good and slept like a log the whole night (literally this girl could sleep through a jet plane landing on the roof, not that I am ever hoping that will happen since we live next to the airport, but you get the idea).  For Claire it was to ask me if I could scratch her back, for the second time that evening.

While I sat next to her in the dark, well, as dark as it can be with her night light on (she’s gonna kill me for spilling that, but I figure I already divulged it in my rendition of her poem, so it’s old news), I chuckled a little bit when I remembered this same scenario only about 10 years ago.  When she was younger, probably around 2 1/2 or 3, and was having a hard time settling into sleep, I would offer to rub her back.  Sometimes I would sit there and rub until she was fully asleep and then try and tiptoe out of her room without her waking (she is the worlds lightest sleeper).  Other times, if I had something else that I wanted to do once she was asleep, like call a friend or watch a tv show, I would be impatient and only rub her back for a couple minutes.  This didn’t usually go over well with her and I would end up back in her room a few minutes later to try the process again.  She was kind of difficult at bedtime back then.

But a few years ago, the rubbing her back each night somehow changed to her asking for me to “scratch her back”.

So tonight, as I started to scratch her tired shoulders, I realized that I don’t even get this kind of spa treatment.  Which begged me to ask the question, “where did I go wrong?”.  Haha.  She is a smart cookie.

And she knows that every time she asks, my answer has always been, and will always be, yes.

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