2nd Place goes to … The Pacers!

Claire and her mates!

Claire’s 8th grade volleyball team played for the district championship on Monday afternoon against #1 ranked Estacada.  The Parkrose Pacers were the only team that actually beat Estacada all season, and they had a really good chance at doing it again to be named the Champs.  But although they played a very good game and had many high points, they couldn’t quite overtake Estacada.  It was fun to watch and Claire had the largest cheering crowd (which is usually the case, I hope she appreciates that!).

From left to right: Uncle Jordan, Aunt Beanie, Claire holding little brother Ryder, Grandma Cindy, Grandpa Bill & Grandma Betty, Claire's Dad and me & Enzo (not pictured cause she's taking it, Grandma Trudie, and Great Grandma Phyllis who may have been in the restroom?)

Her Dad drove up from Arlington to surprise her, which was pretty awesome!  Ryder is the sweetest, cutest little thing and after the game he was picking dandelions to give to the girls.  Heartbreaker in training!

They look so much alike in this picture!

I even got a flower, which was really cute.  He loves Enzo, too, he had plenty of cheek pinches for him and even some kisses.  Ryder is now at the age where he can kind of make sense of the family structure that Claire has.  At first he didn’t like me very much because to him I was the lady who came and picked up his sister and took her away on the Sunday of her weekends at their house.  But now that he knows I’m her Mommy, he’s okay with me.  And he loves to see “baby Enzo”!

So now the school volleyball season is over and it’s time to start looking at clubs.  She has tryouts the first weekend of November and this year we are going to do the Oregon NW Juniors Nike team in Gresham.  I think it will be good to have practices be on our side of the river and plus it just seems like a more established and competitive club than what she experienced last year.  Club runs from December through April so Enzo will be up and running for the last half of it.  Grandma Trudie and I are already trying to think of ways to keep him busy (and happy!) during the all-day tournaments!

Congratulations to the Parkrose Pacers on a stellar season!  I can’t wait to watch the girls play for the high school Broncos next year!


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