Enzo – 8 months!

8 months old

Our sweet boy is 8 months old today!  He is growing so quickly now, it’s hard to keep tabs on all the new stuff he is doing from month to month but I will try to give a recap since last time.  He is eating jars of baby food, usually 1-2 a day.  Our usual feeding routine is a jar of fruit after he wakes from his morning nap and then a jar of vegetables at dinner time.  I like to have him eat with us at dinnertime so that he can get a feel for family dinner routine.  This only works if we sit at the table for dinner, which I am happy to report that we are doing way more often with our beautiful bench setup.  Tonight Veda did the feeding and Enzo loved it!


He is sitting up like a pro, although we still put a pillow behind him because falling back on our hardwood floor is not nice.  He also has recently figured out how to make his walker go forward instead of just backward.  It’s much easier to push off and shove backward, but if I put shoes on him so he has some traction then he can “walk” forward.  When I am working on my dolls in the sewing room this is how I keep him contained.  Oh yeah, can paper be digested?  The other day he pushed himself over to my paper patterns hanging on the steamer and grabbed one.  I thought, eh, no big deal it’s thick paper so he can’t do much damage.  But the next thing I know I look over and there is an entire chunk missing and he has a tiny piece of it on his chin.  I looked all around but couldn’t find it, so I guess he ate it?  That’s okay, he did the same thing with a coupon a few months ago at the grocery store.  Those things wad up into a tiny little nugget in no time flat!

Get the foooooot...



He still loves his johnny-jump up and can be happy in it for quite a while.  Long enough for me to take a shower, which sometimes works but not always.  Mark likes to pull him up until his feet are off the ground and then let go so he swings back and forth, he loves it.  He also spins, a lot.  It makes me dizzy just watching him, but I guess when you are little those sensations don’t bother you yet.  I was okay with spinning until the 6th grade when I went to the fair and rode on the teacups with my friends.  They made it spin nonstop the whole time, and I spent the rest of the afternoon miserable, laying under a tree.

Oh hi!


Power to the littles!

I went to see my friend Leah and her baby boy Raine the other day.  While I was holding Raine, who is 2 months old, Enzo was okay at first but then he started to whine and reach for him.  He got over it pretty quickly though.  It was good to see them and Raine is just the cutest!  He weighs over 10 pounds now, which still seems so tiny to me but that’s because I’m used to my big boy.  I can’t wait for them to be able to play together as toddlers.  Next week I plan to go visit my friend Kira and her sweet baby girl Pearl.  I love babies!!

Speaking of babies – our good friends Scott & Connie had a baby girl yesterday!  We hope to get over and meet her soon, as soon as they get settled in at home.  They named her Roslyn Olympia, I bet she is the most beautiful little sweetheart!  Mark and Scott have been friends since they were like 11 years old.  So we are super excited to have our littles be so close in age!

Enzo and his favorite blankie

Mark was teaching Enzo about baseball tonight, as he was watching the World Series on TV.  He thought it was pretty funny…


While he is not rolling over yet, he seems to be getting stronger on his legs so I am thinking he might just stand up one day and skip the rolling over/crawling steps.  But who knows.  He’s a big boy and has a big booty to roll over with his big cloth diaper on, too.  Big, times three.  It does factor in.  Anyway, only time will tell.  He is learning all the time, like a little sponge soaking it all in.  It’s fun to watch a smile spread across his face when he’s figured something out.  He has started pounding on things to make noise, and this week he discovered that he can scream very high-pitched.  Which was cute until he did it while out to lunch with Grandma Trudie and her co-workers on Wednesday.

Now if I could only figure out how to get him to sleep more than 2 hours at a time at night, that would be aaaaawesome!  I am still nursing and I have been thinking lately about trying to give him a bottle at night before bed to see if that helps him sleep longer.  Maybe he isn’t getting enough from nursing to get his tummy full.  But we also still have him sleeping in the co-sleeper in our room so perhaps he would sleep longer if he was in his crib, in his room and not be disrupted by me coming to bed, and then Mark a few hours later.  I don’t even know if that affects him but there have been a couple times where he wakes up to nurse when I get in bed around 11pm.  So maybe he wouldn’t have woken up if he was in his own room?  It’s all such a crap shoot!  Haha.

Oh parenting.  So much fun.  So much to learn still!


Happy 8 month birthday son!


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  1. He is such a sweet baby…I’m so happy that you are able to stay home and take such good care of him.

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