My favorite season!

For so many reasons, this is my favorite time of year!  I think Fall is perfectly timed as I was just starting to tire of the heat, and had started gazing longingly at my boots and scarves.  And this season also holds my most favorite holiday – HALLOWEEN!  We decorated on Sunday and now it really looks like October at our house!

going through the boxes of decorations and costumes
hanging the bats
our living room



We purchased a few new items this year for our decor.  One of those things was a drop-down spider.  Enzo was NOT impressed by this.  It’s still up but I took the batteries out so he wouldn’t set it off anymore.  He seems to have just the right pitch in his voice to activate it and this was not making him happy on Sunday evening.  He had a hard time going to sleep that night too.  He kept staring up at our bedroom ceiling like he was waiting for something to happen.  We don’t usually decorate in our bedrooms, so he has nothing to worry about there!  Claire is still undecided on her costume, some ideas she has thrown around so far are cheerleader (Glee inspired), zombie prom queen, and beaten up volleyball player.  Veda changed her mind about four times, and that was just on Sunday but then got very creative and decided a jellyfish was what she wanted to create.  And that we did!  I wish I had taken a picture, I will have to get one cause the costume turned out great!  Every year we host a huge Halloween costume party and I am super excited for this years.  A few of our friends have had babies (including us of course!) in the last year so it will be really fun to see all the kiddos dressed up!

Claire is almost done with her 8th grade volleyball season.  They are 7-2 with one last game to play on Monday (a team they already beat once this year, so most likely get another win).  Her team has played exceptionally well this year and it’s been really fun to watch.  They had a nail biter on Tuesday against Estacada (who was undefeated at the time, already beating Claire’s team earlier in the season).  I thought I was going to have a heart attack, but they kicked some serious booty and pulled out a win!  They will play in the playoffs on Thursday and have a good shot at being district champions!

can I get a woop woop?
after the win, with her "lucky" gatorade bottle

I think Enzo should be made the honorary mascot for her team, since he never misses a game!

at her game in Hood River last Monday

Now it’s time to start looking for a club team for the Winter/Spring.  I have my eye on one by Nike, tryouts are the first weekend of November.  I’m so happy that Claire enjoys the sport so much!  Now if I can just talk her into letting me bring a pom pom to the games!

Yesterday I was inspired (or out of my mind, you pick) to try a new recipe for dinner.  It involved me being on my feet, in the kitchen, for most of the afternoon but it was totally worth it.  Enzo wasn’t very thrilled by this, but he was a trooper.  Hopefully he will be handy when he’s bigger and actually help me make things.  I made sweet potato and black bean empanadas (recipe here) and avocado fries (recipe here).  And of course there had to be a yummy dessert to go along with that, so I whipped up some spice pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting.  My Mom brought me over some Food Day magazines awhile back and I used a recipe from there.  It all turned out really well and my family approved!  I even made some extra empanadas and put them in the freezer for later.  Look at me, thinking AHEAD!  Who would’ve thought…

This weekend I plan to do a lot of sewing and crafting.  And we may take a trip to the pumpkin patch.  I have a Martha Stewart tutorial bookmarked that I want to do for our halloween party, and it involves a bunch of tiny pumpkins and some plastic fangs.

What’s your favorite part about Fall?


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