Ritchie’s 4th Annual Halloween Party


The Ritchie’s are party people, meaning we like to host them and usually insist that people dress up for the occasion.  And Halloween is the BEST reason to put on a costume, yes?  Our annual gathering of friendly ghosts and ghouls commenced on Saturday night and it was such a blast!  Thank you to those who were able to attend, and for those that weren’t – we look forward to seeing you next year hopefully (or there is always New Year’s Eve, this years theme is still tba).

Here is a recap in pictures!

The Costumes:

The Ritchie's as Popeye, Olive Oyl and Sweet Pea...


...Claire was a Spartan cheerleader from SNL


Perry & Amber as "Archer and Lana"..these two literally came through the front door shooting, nerf gun of course, I am still finding the foam darts under furniture...


The Moore's as Bumblebees and a very wiggly monkey ballerina


The Campbell's as A Stick in the Mud, Foliage and her adorable ladybug


George as Thor


Andi's Zombie clan (they were also participating in the Zombie Walk downtown on Sunday)


Amy came as a Dead Duck

Amazingly Enzo wasn’t totally freaked out by all the scary makeup faces.  He wasn’t too keen on me with my black wig on at first, so thankfully Grandma Trudie was there and not in costume, so there was one normal person for him to cling to until he got used to everything.  And Claire wasn’t very far from her normal self either, so he was happy to be in her arms.  Oh, and let’s not forget our buddy Drew, he wasn’t too scary either.

Uncle Drew and his little pea

 The atmosphere:

Room decor


The yummy spread!



a.  Pumpkin cooler with root beer & orange creme soda (I’m enjoying one right now actually as I write this)

b. Wonton snackers prepared by Grandma Trudie with apples, feta cheese and a vegie sausage filling – super yum!

c.  Pumpkin Vegetable Tray

d. Pumpkin spice whoopie pies with cream cheese filling.  Recipe here.

e. Graveyard Cake suggested by Claire, and she helped do the decorations on top.

f.  Apple Smiles – fun for the kiddos to make at the party

Food not pictured included black bean & corn empanadas and pickled green beans by Morgan.  Who’s hungry now?  I should add that all dishes were inspired by something online, I had fun building my Pinterest board along the way!

And this one needed it’s own picture because it was the most fun, I thought…

Guacamole puking pumpkin - pumpkin carved by Claire, guac made by my husband (this is called delegating folks.)

 The cuteness:

sweet ladybug


I believe this may have been after her second piece of cake...


Popeye made his own spinach can (yes, the same guy who claims to be "not creative". I rest my case.)


Men hugging with a baby - does it get any cuter?


Matilda was checking out Enzo's hair sicheeashun...

As promised, although it wasn’t our weekend with Veda so she wasn’t at the party, I asked Mark to get a picture of her in the jellyfish costume.  So without further ado…

Perfect idea when rain is in the forecast!


And that concludes my recap of our fabulous party brew ha ha.  I hope you have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 


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