Rock-a-bye baby


Several years ago I was given this rocking chair that used to belong to my Great Grandma Dickens.  She was my Dad’s grandmother and although I do not remember her specifically since she died when I was very little, I have small memories connected to visiting her in the nursing home.  I remember it was a very narrow room, and she had a lot of things so it seemed kind of “packed” inside.  But this wasn’t a bad thing, as I remember always enjoying looking at her trinkets on the shelves and how everything seemed to belong in it’s place.  I’m not sure why I was chosen to be the recipient of this chair, but I am forever grateful. 

Enzo has been sleeping in his crib since Saturday night.  He is doing great so far, and even though he wakes up the same amount of times (blaming that on the teething discomfort), I sit with him in the rocking chair and nurse him back to sleep. 

Thank you Great Grandma, I love rocking my baby in your chair. 


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  1. That rocking chair is so cute! Ours isn’t very good looking, but it was a good deal and does the job I guess. I really wanted a cute one though.

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