Such a beautiful October day!

hey you, are you paying attention???

Did you get outside and enjoy the sunshine today?  It was such the perfect fall day, with a slight chill in the breeze and blue skies.  These are few and far between in our neck of the woods, so I will enjoy them while I can!  My friend Julie and I went to the mall today, Washington Square to be exact.  I don’t remember the last time I went to the mall to just go to the mall.  I usually have one thing in mind from a particular store and I’m in and out.  Or I am just there to see a movie, which has been the case the last like four times I went to a mall.   But today was different, I didn’t have an agenda I just knew of a couple things I wanted to get and a store I had to visit.  And I definitely accomplished all of that!  This was my list today:  eye shadow primer (I finally got some Karen, aren’t you proud?!), sexy jeans and check out the store Naartjie for baby.

Done, done and done!

I am super excited that I found a hot pair of jeans at Express that give good “butt” (not Mom butt, and all you Mom’s know what I am referring to here).  They are the kind that are super faded on the rear, which I normally don’t like cause I feel like it looks like I sat in something.  But Julie has a pair and she rocks them so I thought, why not!  And I can’t wait to wear them tomorrow!

And let me just say that it’s a good thing Enzo isn’t a girl because the girls section at Naartjie was twice the size as the boys and it was packed full of the most unique and beautiful things!  The boys section did have awesome stuff too, don’t get me wrong.  Enzo scored a couple outfits and some booties.  And I will definitely be making that a regular stop.  Oh, suuuuuper cute hats, too!

I made a couple more dolls in the last few days, going back to the more simpler version (body as a dress, not a removable one).  And I really like them.  I think I will do the majority of my dolls this way, and then have a half dozen of the ones with dresses for bigger girls.


I like that the simple version has nothing that a baby can get off and put in their mouth.  I know that’s something they do, since it’s the first thing Enzo does when you put something in his hand.  And I am constantly trying to keep him from getting something small enough to choke on. I’ll be happy when that curious phase is over!  …. it does end…right??

hello baby!

One more pic to share… a self portrait of Claire…


Have a lovely Monday!


2 thoughts on “Such a beautiful October day!

  1. I am so proud!!! I hope you love it!
    PS Claire is just gorgeous!…you might be in more trouble that you thought!!

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