His little discoveries


Enzo has grown right before my eyes this week.  He has discovered how to make himself go forward in his walker and as soon as he “got it”, there was no stopping him!  Now he’s happy to sit in it for quite a while, as long as he can get all over the living room.  We had to put the baby gate on the kitchen though, cause the first thing he did when he pushed himself in there was grab garbage out of the recycling bin.

on the move!



It’s time to baby proof the house.

I think his teething pain must have subsided a bit, because he has just generally been in a much better mood the past couple days.  He woke up Thursday morning with so much to say!  And he’s pretty much been chatty kathy ever since.  I love his voice, it’s got to be the sweetest little sound I’ve ever heard.  He’s been really using the “Ma Ma” or “Mom” terms too, though I’m not sure he knows they refer to me just yet.  But I like to think that he is talking directly to me when he says it so I usually answer with, “Yes, son?”

Being silly with my scarf on his head

 He started giving kisses a couple months ago, but he had only been doing it to myself or Claire.  My guess is because we were always kissing him so he finally just decided to start repaying the favor.  This week he started giving his Daddy kisses, too.  It’s pretty sweet.  He moves fast though, you have to be ready for it!

giving kisses

 And then sometimes I just attack his little neck with kisses, because I can’t resist it.


 Daddy actually grabbed the camera tonight, a very rare occasion.  He got some good pictures of Enzo and I playing before bedtime.


 We hope you are having a great weekend!


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  1. I love those photos of you and Enzo! I bet it’s fun seeing him walking around in the walker, even if it does end up being way more work!

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