Mamas and boys weekend continued…

Friday evening we all headed for the coast, Julie & I carpooling from Portland and Brandee coming down from Olympia.

Julie & Evan

We had to make a potty stop for little Evan, who immediately after eating dinner (DQ yummy goodness) needed to goooooooooo, like RIGHT THEN.  The next place to stop was a small mini-mart about 20 minutes from the ocean, Julie asked if he could hold it but he was definitely not going to be able to.  Enzo and I waited in the car and I just happened to look in the side mirror in time to see Julie walk out of the store carrying Evan with one arm and a GIGANTIC hubcap attached to a key in the other.  Really?  And of course the bathrooms are outside so it’s not embarrassing enough that you have to carry it in the first place, but you have to carry it outside and about 20 feet away.

the house

There wasn’t much we had to do the first night, except settle in and enjoy each others company.  The boys were instant buddies and started playing with their cars.  They are both big fans of the Cars movie so it worked out.  They were pretty wound up and running around like maniacs.  It was the latest they’d been up, possibly ever.  Enzo was conked out in his pack-n-play for a little bit but then woke up so I moved him into his swing.  Brandee and Julie had their work cut out for them getting the boys to wind down and into bed.  Why is bedtime for littles so hard??

Boys making crazy faces!

Brandee brought a bunch of groceries, lots of good stuff.  Julie and I basically brought a bunch of junk food cause I don’t know about her but I was trying to get it out of my house (which is what I get for trying to coupon shop, a post on that coming up later this week).  I brought some Whonu cookies I got for a dollar using a $1 off coupon and then doubling it at Alberston’s.  I got the chewy chocolate chip kind and to me they taste exactly like Chewy Chips Ahoy.  AND the best part is… wait for it … they are GOOD FOR YOU!  Who knew?  Haha.  So the entire weekend I kept saying “do you want a cookie?  I meeeeean, do you want a cup of blueberries, a glass of milk and a bowl of oatmeal?”  Because that is what the box claims the cookie to share nutritional value with.  I think they are brilliant if that’s true, because that was the best tasting good-for-you cookie I have ever eaten!  I would have bought more today on my grocery shopping trip but I chose Trader Joe’s and they don’t sell them there.   Oh, and Silas loved them too so it wasn’t just me, they are toddler approved!


On Saturday morning we took the kids down to the beach.  And let them run.


Enzo slept in his stroller the whole time.  The pathway to the beach was NOT stroller friendly but with some lifting help from Brandee, we managed to get us both safely down to the sand.

cheese on the beach!

On our way into Cannon Beach to have lunch at Mo’s, Evan was telling us about the green trees being evergreens.  Then he explained how there were also green bean trees.  Green bean strawberry vanilla bean trees, as well.  We didn’t question it, that sounds like it would be a really neat tree so why not pretend for a moment it does exist?

the boys at lunch, or is it a rag tag jazz band of some sort? Is Enzo playing a trumpet?
my little butterball

After lunch we went back to the house so that the boys could take naps.  At least, that’s what the Moms were hoping for, but we all know that the boys are the ones who are in control of that.  Brandee needed to make sure Silas didn’t fall asleep in the car or he wouldn’t nap at the house.  And Julie wanted Evan to fall asleep in the car cause she knew she could transfer him inside without waking him up.  I didn’t care either way, Enzo would probably nap in his swing regardless.  Evan was almost starting to nod off when we got close to the house so Julie kept driving.  We ended up making a couple passes by the house before he conked out and by that time Enzo was totally snoozing.  We got both boys inside without them waking and noticed that Brandee must have been napping with Silas.  So we got on our swimsuits to go enjoy the hot tub, with glasses of wine and total giddyness.  But it was only 87 degrees because we didn’t think to turn it on that morning.  As silly as it sounds, we basically were sitting in a lukewarm bath outside in the cold, goosebumps, teeth chattering, drinking wine.  We eventually decided it wasn’t worth it and declared that we would go in it that night after the boys went to bed, surely it would be hot by then.

Silas never did nap so when Enzo woke up, they played with some play-doh.  Well, Enzo chewed on the shape makers anyway.



He didn't need no stinking nap!

Once Evan woke up, we headed into Seaside for an afternoon of shopping and ice cream.  I hung out with the sticky faces while Brandee and Julie went into a store to look at shoes.

...Enzo pretended to have ice cream while chewing on my rope necklace...

The boys were hilarious, they were shivering from the cold with ice cream dripping down their hands and all over their faces.  Silas was eventually standing up against me as I was knelt down next to them, so I wrapped my arms around him for a warm snuggly bear hug.  I asked Evan if he wanted in on it but he said (teeth chattering) he was fine.

Then it was time for more beach fun!

This time Enzo was awake for it!



That evening we had planned to make a yummy pasta dinner with alfredo and crab.  But we decided to wait and make our dinner after the children were all in bed.  So the older boys got to have some Cars shaped mac-n-cheese and some raspberries and applesauce.  Oh, and whoever thought of making the macaroni into shapes of popular cartoon movie characters – brilliant idea!  When you say to a child, “please eat your macaroni and cheese” you could get all kinds of responses that are similar to a “no”.  But when you say “Woah!  These are shaped liked Lightning McQueen and Tow-Mater!” suddenly dinner time is really easy.  I will have to remember this.  Right now Enzo is pretty easy going with the baby food.  He will pretty much try anything I give him and has no problem polishing off a jar or two of food in one sitting.

Enzo snuggle time


look at those cheeks!


he's popular with the ladies : )

Then it was bath time and bed.  Enzo did really well with his normal routine and went to sleep when I put him in the swing.  The other two were having difficulty getting settled down.  Again, why is bedtime sooooooooooo haaaaaaard??

By the time we had all the kiddos asleep it was past 9pm and we were starving!  We made our dinner, which was super delicious and I wanted to keep eating but I had loaded up on Cheetos and cookies (the healthy ones, but I guess after about 6 they aren’t so healthy anymore) while waiting so I didn’t have room.  We sat around the dinner table and chatted and then Julie and I decided to take advantage of the hot tub that was actually hot this time.  Brandee was exhausted on account of not getting a nap with Silas earlier in the day, so she called it a night.  Unfortunately though, the light for the back deck where the hot tub lived was right outside Brandee & Silas’s room and was too bright, possibly waking him up.  Not to worry, there was a small camping lantern on top of the fridge we could use!  However, to get to the back deck (since we couldn’t go out the back door which was also located in Brandee’s room) we had to go outside and around the house on the highway side (did I mention the house was right on Hwy 101? noise was never an issue but suddenly in the dark it seemed way too scary!).  So we decided against it and just painted our nails instead.  Hey, you can’t win them all.

It was a very fun weekend and I am already looking forward to planning another.  It will be so much fun to watch the children grow and change, and have more children added as time goes on.  The house was great, although I think in the future I am going to need my own room.  And maybe the hot tub isn’t that important of a detail, since we saw how that turned out!

good friends, good times

Thank you to my beautiful friends for joining me and for making another great memory!


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