Mamas and boys

All of this cuteness *explode* - Evan, Enzo & Silas

A weekend of epic proportions, with two of my best girlfriends and their adorable boys.  I say this is now going to be an annual event.

I don’t have a proper name for the weekend yet though.  I don’t want to make it inclusive of what gender of child we take with us on the trip because there will be more little ones in the future and there could be some daughters among them.  And already having two daughters of my own, I could totally envision them wanting to come along next time.  So it should have something to do with the Moms getting out of town with the kids but be cute and clever.  Any ideas?

The Moms:

Myself, Brandee and Julie

Just three hot mamas dressed in cold weather gear, on the Oregon coast in November!  We stayed in the most adorable little house in Arch Cape, which is just south of Cannon Beach.  There isn’t much there, although we did find a market just a hundred yards south of us but it was closed by 6pm on Saturday evening so it didn’t do us a lot of good.  Other than a church and a very quiet beach, there are mainly just beautiful beach homes.  The house was like an entire Ikea magazine spread for a vacation rental, if a woman were to design it.  Little touches everywhere that were subtle but perfect (like the same artwork throughout the house were these beautiful drawn images with bold colors, wish I would have looked at the name now) for a quiet relaxing weekend away.  We never once had the thought, “man I wish the house had ____”.  Oh well, I guess I do have one suggestion I could make, or request is more like it.  Every clock in the house had the wrong time.  And I am not referring to daylight savings either.  The microwave, the stovetop and the cable box all had a different (and wrong) time.  But as we decided, it didn’t matter because when you are on vacation  you shouldn’t care what time it is.

I wrote down little notes all weekend so that I could accurately describe our fun time, and I have been trying to decide how to go about forming them into this blog post.  I considered bullet points but most of them need a little more explanation for you to understand the meaning.  Or, I could write a paragraph on each of them but you’d be here all day reading this (when most of you should instead be working! Shhh..I won’t tell, please keep reading) and I also have a bunch of photos so with all that together it would be a huge post.

So I thought maybe I could do something in between those two.  A small one or two sentence description with the bullet point.  And maybe a picture if I have one that pertains to it.  Then I will do a remainder photo dump at the end.  Why did I just explain all of that to you?  I don’t know.  And don’t ask me why I just ate the remaining half of the bag of cheetos cause I don’t know that either.  I do know that I am exhausted (happy exhausted) from the weekend and wish to sleep in my own bed asap so the entire blog post will have to wait, but I will post this much…

oh, and leave you with this bit of cuteness to tide you over!

look at my dirty shirt



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