Rosy Von Cheekles

This is what I was calling Enzo earlier today.  This week he has been waking up from his nap sometimes with REALLY rosy cheeks.  And tonight the poor little bug had a very rosy chin too, I think the “spring vegetables with brown rice” didn’t agree with him.  I had to switch over to “butternut squash and corn”.  This solid food thing is still a bit new to us, even though he’s been eating it over a month now.  I don’t really have a set schedule on when he eats or how much.  I will open a new jar of food if he finishes one and still acts hungry.  I try in the morning and then in the evening at dinner time.  Most the time I like to feed him after he’s nursed, or in the next hour so that way he doesn’t fill up on solid food before getting what he needs from Mama’s milk.  But some days he’s not really interested in the solid food at all.  I know that he’s not hurting on nutrition, clearly he isn’t starving to death.  And we are currently working on a new nighttime regime as well, one that doesn’t include me nursing him every two hours.  I think his teething discomfort has subsided a bit and this week I have been able to just give him his binkie and leave him alone to fall back to sleep.  I usually end up doing this a couple times before I can tell that he’s hungry and won’t fall back asleep until he eats.  But what has changed is that he’s now only nursing once during the night.  My goal is still to get him to sleep all through the night without needing to eat.  And even better, if I can get him to sleep all night without needing the binkie replaced.  Imagine, if I could just get like five hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Heeeeeeeeeeaven.

I took the kids to the mall after school yesterday.  Veda needed some jeans, she has grown a lot since spring.   Claire had a gift card to American Eagle Outfitters that was still burning a hole in her wallet.  And I wanted to find a cute sweater for Enzo to wear for Thanksgiving.  I totally had one of those conversations where I sounded exactly like my own mother and suddenly understood what it was she was talking about all those years ago.  It went something like this:

Claire:   Oooh, isn’t this shirt cute??

Me:  Yes, it’s a pretty color.

Claire:  It’s only ten bucks!!

Me:  That’s because it’s only HALF of a shirt!

Okay, so I really don’t understand this latest fashion trend revival of the half shirt.  I mean, was it ever a good idea?  It only works on those very few people who happen to have no belly pudge.  Like 12 year olds and NFL cheerleaders.  I much prefer the tunic length tops still, and then you can dress them up with a cute little belt and throw a long sweater over them.  But perhaps I’m just getting old.  We found most of what we were looking for at H&M.  I was a little disappointed with the childrens section though.  I wanted to find Enzo a little newsboy cap like his Dad wears but there were only big ones left.  I was really tempted to pick up this sweater dress:

Image found here

I like the short brown boots look, if I could justify a new pair of shoes I would get some.  But really, my shoe collection is ridiculous as it is and that’s even after I donated a bunch this summer.  I have some pretty sweet knee high brown ones that would work just lovely with this dress though.  It’s sooooooooo tempting.  And it’s only $19.95.  That’s a great price.  Think of how much you could accessorize it, to get several looks out of this one simple piece!

Speaking of dresses – this evening Claire pulled up the CMA Awards on to watch before the X-Factor results came on 8pm (are you watching? we love Chris Rene and Drew!).  I totally cracked up when I saw Natasha Bedingfields dress:

Image via


How many Snuffaluffagus’ were harmed in the making of this dress?

Image from here

Claire made the Oregon NW Juniors club volleyball team this year!  I am so excited for her, I think it’s going to be super fun season.  And I would like to say a special THANK YOU so far to her Papa Ron and Grandma Cindy who have graciously contributed to her club volleyball fun because in case you didn’t know, it’s EXPENSIVE!  But worth it if it means building her skill set for a sport she is genuinely passionate about!

The weekend is almost upon us, do you have big plans?  I plan to make some dolls and enjoy this sunshine we are having!


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