A Holiday Party

The Mr. and I dressed up in our fanciest clothes (and I actually fixed my hair and put makeup on! woah!) and headed out to a holiday party last night at Hagen & Morgan’s.  Grandma and Grandpa came over to watch the baby and keep tabs on Claire.  She was having a friend sleep over, so they stayed upstairs in her room most of the time.  I’m sure they were busying googling Austin Mahone videos and anything having to do with the Iconic Boys.  We decided to throw routine out the window so Enzo was up past his normal bedtime when we left the house.  I figured whatever works, if Grandma rocked him to sleep in her arms that would be fine and he’d love it.  Or if he was still awake when we got home three hours later, that’s not a big deal either.  As long as he was happy.  They said that at one point he got pretty fussy but Claire came down from her room and took over for a minute and she had him happy in no time!  (I love that big sister!)

The party was fabulous, we had a great time.  Unfortunately there are no pictures of the two of us, but that’s usually what happens.  It was a white elephant gift party and so we each took something.  I wrapped one of my dolls and then tipped off our friend David so that he could give it to his little girl Ava.  It worked.  And he didn’t let anyone steal it either cause he immediately went and put it in her backpack.  I was actually surprised that there wasn’t more stealing of gifts like it normally happens with white elephant.  The very first gift opened was the leg lamp from A Christmas Story and it was the only thing to be taken, twice in fact.  Which then it was out of play, otherwise I totally would’ve stolen it come my turn!  I love that movie, it’s definitely a holiday favorite.   Instead we ended up coming home with a turquoise fuzzy body pillow and a bottle of wine, haha (sounds like we were bringing the party home!).  And Enzo was sleeping soundly when we got home at 10:30pm (I know right!  So late, we are serious part-goers).

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Moore for a wonderful evening!

George and Mark (winky winky)


Josh, Amber and myself


Amber, Perry and myself


I believe they were saying "New Year's 99"



And then Mark took the camera and something happened – Morgan (the beautiful hostess with a new hair do, fresh that day, lucky girl!) Amber and I suddenly thought we were models…or something like that…

...that's my Zoolander face...







So much fun!


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