A nasty cold, an Open House and Etsy!

Hello friends, I must apologize for my absence on here.   Last week I was battling a cold that sort of snuck up on me and then pinned me to the ground, stole my voice and made my head pound.  Okay, that’s a bit dramatic.  But it’s true, it really did make me sound funny and my head hurt for about three days straight.  So when I wasn’t entertaining the little guy, I was trying to make myself feel better by laying low.

I couldn’t lay that low though, because as things tend to go (you only get sick when you have something really fun and exciting coming up!) I had some serious work to do!  My good friend Elena was having an Open House where she was selling her beautiful handmade jewelry, and she invited me to join her and sell my plush dolls!  I know, how incredibly sweet of her!!  So I was busy making dolls over the last several weeks.  I kind of do it like a one-woman assembly line.  I find that if I tackle one step at a time and do a bunch, then go back and do the second step on all of them, and so forth – it helps me to be the most efficient with my time.  LUCKILY, I have a wonderful Mother who is also incredibly handy with the sewing machine, so she came over not one, but TWO nights this week to help me out with the final assembly.  I had about 15 already made, but I got a wild hair on Sunday and decided to cut out about 20 more combinations of fabric.  Yes, I am crazy, so what.

(Thanks again for your help Mom!  I totally wouldn’t have finished them without you!)

The night before the event, I put the girls to work as well.  I wanted the dolls to have cute shoes, so I put them on task to pick out shoe colors and decide which ones would get lace detail.  I didn’t end up finishing all the shoes up, but I did quite a few.  I also made mini cream puffs to take for snacking.

The Open House was a lot of fun and I got to see a bunch of friends from Columbia (Elena and I used to work together, she is still there).  Claire and Enzo went with me and she was such a great help!  Not only did she help with Enzo (who was an angel, of course!) she also was a great little salesgirl.  I overheard her letting some ladies know that I would also do custom if they wanted different hair color or to add bows or something.  And because of that, a woman custom ordered two dolls!  Dang, I am lucky!

My product testing monkey!


Table of dolls




I sold about a dozen dolls, but most importantly was the feedback I received!  I learned that people really like the ribbon pigtails and one woman thanked me for making “brown skin babies”.  Interestingly enough, nobody showed any interest in the boy dolls so I know to not spend a lot of time on them for now.  Next, I have the task of putting these dolls up on Etsy!   I will also eventually have my website going at www.dollfacegirl.com.  But for now, you can order from my store here.

I am finally starting to feel better but I’m still not 100%.  I wish I was because we were totally supposed to go meet some newborn twin boys today and I was so bummed we had to reschedule.  Next weekend, hopefully!

One more thing, my beautiful friend Sascha is in the hospital recovering from emergency surgery to remove her ruptured appendix.  Please send her good healing vibes and hope she makes a full recovery!  I love that girl, she’s a very special part of this world.


  • Kira says:

    I really wish I could have come to the open house! I didn’t know you were selling the dolls there. They look great! I will definitely buy a redhead from you sometime soon 🙂

    Also, we need to come up with a day that we can see Breaking Dawn with Karen!

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