A Ritchie Christmas Party!

The Ritchie family 2011

Thanks again to Great Aunt Judy for hosting, it was a lovely time as always!  Here are some pictures from our annual Christmas gathering with the Ritchie family.  We really need to be better about seeing these people, our girls are all around the same age and we only see them maybe twice a year, and everyone lives here in town – unacceptable!!  I vow to encourage more get-togethers in the new year.

Enzo and Aunt Amy


Aunt Stephanie and Cousin Molly (with a sweet little ball of fur)


Hayley and the puppy


Gracie and Veda, with puppy and the gingerbread house they made!


Grandpa Bill and his boy


Enzo meets the puppy




Julie, Gracie and Kayla


The puppy was popular!


Mark and George


football from Great Uncle Chuck


Grandma Betty


Veda's crazy face





Enzo has enjoyed playing with his new toys today!

We have a busy week ahead, but I will try and get a couple more blog posts in before I head east for Christmas at Papa Ron and Marta’s.


2 thoughts on “A Ritchie Christmas Party!

  1. Yes, she is. I have been very lackadaisical about it lately and she has taken full advantage. But I let her know if it gets to be too thick and she tones it back down. I guess that’s part of parenting a teenage daughter, you give an inch, they take a mile and you just make sure you are still paying attention and can pull them back in! Fun things for you to look forward to!

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