Enzo meets Santa Clause

Hello Santa...

Tonight we drove across the river to meet Grandma & Grandpa Ritchie at a little coffee shop.  Grandma’s friend had invited her and the grandkids to a special Santa meet-n-greet.  I was really anxious to see how Enzo was going to react to the big guy in red.  I have several photos of me as a baby, until about age 3 I guess, sobbing my head off while on the lap of Santa Clause.  So I was prepared for him to react the same way.

...this isn't so bad, but he isn't smiling yet...

I was able to snap a few photos, but there was also a professional taking them as well.  And the best part, it was FREE!  We got a great shot of him, just like this one (only more glamorous, since I don’t know how to do anything besides point-n-shoot with camera).  He didn’t do too bad!

Oh wait…

...there they are...tears.

I knew it!  And then he proceeded to cry as he was passed from Grandma, then to Daddy, and finally to me.  Where he immediately quieted.  Well, duh, that’s cause he’s a mama’s boy!  <3

Are you taking your kids to see Santa this year?  I’m a little sad that our girls are too old for this now.  But I’m happy to start new traditions with Enzo, since right now as he sees it, this big scary bearded guy really does exist!  Hopefully the “scary” part won’t last long.


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