Today’s To-Do:


What is on our agenda for the day?

*  Take care of shopping list for Michaels using a 20% off coupon

*  Christmas shopping (including a 30% off purchase coupon for Old Navy, and jammies are on sale for $7 today!)

*  Dinner and Zoolights with friends

Sounds like it’s going to be a fun day!  I am glad the sun is shining, it’s much easier to run around doing errands when the weather is dry.

Are you done with your holiday shopping yet? I guess I better remember to buy wrapping paper too.  I wish I enjoyed wrapping gifts, but unfortunately it’s not one of my favorite things to do.  Maybe I need to follow my friend Kira’s lead and get creative with it!

Happy weekend!

7 thoughts on “Today’s To-Do:

  1. Yep! I’m not joking, I love wrapping! Plus I didn’t buy any presents this year so I won’t get to wrap anything!

  2. There was definitely a crowd! But it was fun anyway, the lights were really neat and they put a lot into it. The kids enjoyed themselves. Enzo will like it next year, or maybe the year after that. It was really cold! You should go, put little Pearl in the wrap and enjoy the walk. I definitely got a workout with Enzo in the ergo : )

  3. Dang it! I wish we could’ve scheduled this! I leave Wednesday for Arlington, and we are having friends over for dinner tomorrow night. But seriously – next year – I am putting you on task to host a Wrapping Party. We’ll get the girls together, drink wine and wrap presents! Let’s start a new tradition!! xoxo

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