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This past weekend we braved the cold and enjoyed the Zoolights at the Oregon Zoo in Beaverton.  It was really cold (did I already mention that?) and the lines were INSANE.  But it was totally worth it and we were with good company so we had a really great time!  Our friends Jen and Aaron recently had a set of twin boys, and along with their 3 year old daughter Sam – we caravaned up there.  I didn’t realize it until the end when Aaron said “We did it!  All ten of us!” that between our two families there were in fact TEN of us.  Wow!  Next year Enzo will be able to chase Sam around but for this year he was strapped on my front in the ergo.  It took a bit of time and a nursing break (thankful for the warm cafe halfway through the night) before he finally fell asleep.  The twins were awesome, they were quiet and happy (or sleeping mostly) the whole time.  And the girls seemed to have fun taking it all in.

If you live in Portland, I definitely recommend it.  I was impressed before we even walked through the gate after I saw the giant tree out front covered in beautiful purple lights!  It was difficult to get pictures, it was misting a bit and the crowd was total chaos.  But here are a few we got:

the girls


Jen giving the eagle a high five at the end


And Sam gave the tiger a hug!

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  1. Looks like such a wonderful time at Zoo Lights! I think that would be a fun thing to do sometime and all of your pictures with the kids were great. I love Vedas stocking hat! Have a very Merry Christmas and safe travels. Love, Aunt Nancy & Uncle Gerry

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