Sleep, part three

Have you been wondering how our adventure in sleepland is going with Enzo?  Well, allow me to update you! 

On Saturday Mark suggested that he be the one to get up with Enzo all night, so that he didn’t have the option to nurse.  So we gave that a shot.  Mark spent most the night walking a crying baby around the house, and they spent some time in the recliner watching Blue Planet on the TV.  He put him to sleep in the swing every time he got him to doze off.  I didn’t get much more sleep than they did, doing my best to follow them around the house without letting Enzo see or hear me.  There were several times when I just wanted to give up and say “give him to me, I’ll nurse him!”.  But somehow I managed to stick to the plan.  And he went all night without nursing, and was happy to have his Mommy back when he woke up at 5:30am.  At that point I nursed him and put him back to sleep for a couple hours.  That was Night #1.

Night #2 went a little better.  He still did some walking and this time they watched Disney’s Oceans, but Enzo cried less and was able to go without nursing all night again.  But he slept in his swing again, which wasn’t a habit we wanted to start forming. 

So Monday I was determined to do some sleep training with him laying down for naps, in the hopes that it would transfer over to his nighttime routine.  So I moved the co-sleeper into his room, next to his crib (it’s getting a little cramped in there with all this furniture, but whatever).  I tried to let him “cry it out” with the first nap and surprisingly he only cried for about five minutes and then he laid there quiet for another twenty minutes before falling asleep.  I was so happy!  Unfortunately though he only stayed asleep for a half hour.  Boo.  So I tried putting him in his swing and he slept again for an hour and a half.   I tried the co-sleeper again for an afternoon nap but he was scream-crying (as I like to call it, you know, the kind of cry where if you didn’t know better you’d think he was being tortured?) so I promptly picked him up.  Which meant no nap for baby. 

At bedtime we were determined to make this happen.  I did the normal bedtime routine, bottle and nurse him (if he wanted to, sometimes he does and sometimes he just wants the bottle), then I rocked him in  my arms and he fell fast asleep.  But the second that I laid him in the sleeper, he was wide awake and crying.  But I left the room anyway and we let him cry it out, which only took about 20 minutes or so and then fell asleep.  He awoke shortly after 11pm, I had already been in bed asleep and Mark had just come to bed, so he went in and gave Enzo a few pats and made sure he had his binkie, then Mark came back to bed.  He cried for a little bit, not really all that serious though because I fell asleep.  When I woke up and realized the house was silent and Mark was sleeping next to me, I checked the time on my phone and it read 1:13am.  Apparently he had worked it out on his own and gone back to sleep!  He fussed a bit again about an hour later and we contemplated whether to go in there and repeat what Mark did earlier (reassure him with a few pats and make sure he has a binkie) or just let him try to work it out.  We waited a few minutes and his cries were starting to get serious so Mark went in (pat pat here’s your binkie) And then Enzo fussed a bit for another 10 minutes and fell back to sleep.  And he slept until 6:10am.  So he didn’t leave his sleeper all night long, and just needed to be reassured once the two times he woke up.  Progress!

Tonight he cried for a little longer at bedtime.  Even though he was asleep in my arms when I went to lay him down, the second his body touched the bed he was up and angry!  I finally ran myself a hot bath and hoped he’d be asleep before I got out.  And he was.  I am hoping that the rest of the night goes even better.  Maybe Mark won’t have to go in the room at all.  We are holding off on having me go in and do the consoling because he seems to get more agitated when it’s me.  Probably because he knows that he could be nursing.  Daddy doesn’t have anything he wants, haha.  You know, I mean, besides love. 

So that’s where we are at.  My goal is to get him to the point where I just lay him down awake and he knows what to do and can fall asleep with minimal to no crying.  In a perfect world.  This will be very beneficial to me because starting next week, I am going to be a Nanny!  My next adventure!  More on that later…


P.S.  I’d like to give a special shout out to my awesome Father-in-Law Bill!  Today is his birthday and we wish him the happiest!  Love you Dad!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Bill!


Hello, I’m a Hairaholic.

Haha, I actually looked up the word to make sure that I wasn’t admitting to something besides my OCD of hairstyling.  Nope, it’s not a real word, just one people use to describe their crazy obsessions with all things hair.  And it’s the name of a salon in Massachusetts.


My daughter tells me that I have OCD when it comes to hair, because I feel the need to change my look at least every 6 months.  Although lately it’s been more like every 2-3 months.   So yes, maybe that’s a bit on the extreme side.  But I look at it like this (and Kevin, the talented man who did my hair yesterday wholeheartedly agreed with me), your hair is the one thing you can easily change on your appearance.  I can’t give myself bigger lips or a new nose or bigger other things (not that I will ever feel the need for that, I am a proud member of the itty bitty titty committee), without going through a painful surgery and forking over hundreds of dollars.  But my hair can easily be shortened, lengthened, curled, straightened or colored and POOF!  I am suddenly a whole new girl!

So without further ado…here is my new look!


 headband by Kira


I am excited to style it and wear all my headbands that I’ve collected over the years.  And the best part is that since I didn’t go to a super expensive salon, the upkeep won’t be a budget-breaker!  Kevin at Supercuts is a phenomenal hairdresser and he did exactly what I asked him to do, even better!



Go go magic bullet!

The magicallly magical Magic Bullet, oh how I love thee!

My Mom dropped by our house yesterday and delivered this gem to us.   I promptly got in the car and made a trip to Costco for frozen fruit and whatever fresh vegetables and fruits I could find that Enzo might like.  This morning I made fruit smoothies for everyone for breakfast, super yummy!  And then I made some delicious baby food for Enzo, just by steaming things and blending the heck out of them!  So easy and so healthy!

I put them into ice cube trays and froze them, then popped them out into a ziplock bag, labeled it and put it in the freezer!

carrots and green beans

So far I’ve made carrots, green beans, mango and pears.  He had carrots and green beans for lunch and then more green beans for dinner.  They look and smell so much better than store-bought baby food, no matter how fancy or organic it was.

And I know it will also save us money, which is definitely a good thing!

Tomorrow I plan to blend up some apples and peas.

Oh, and we met our friend Lacye for some coffee today, and walked to a park so her puppy could run but it was too darn cold and wet to let Enzo experience a swingset. We’ll have to do that a different day!

And now I’m going to go back to watching the Betty White special, can you believe she is 90 years old??  She’s awesome!



Happy Birthday Dr. King (January 15th)

 “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
This particular quote is very relevant right now, especially when things like this happen in public and nobody steps forward to help.  I would like to think that if I were riding the Max that day, that I would have done SOMETHING.
The kids are out of school and Mark has the day off from work, so happy holiday to us!  Thanks Dr. King for letting us celebrate your birthday with a three day weekend.
Random things Monday:
*  I heart Anderson Cooper!  Claire and I started watching his show while she was home for three weeks over Christmas vacation, and he just seems like such a great guy.  But what really did it for me was when he did a show honoring his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.  What an interesting life, full of adventures and tragedy and love.
* We watched the Golden Globes last night, here are a few of my favorite dresses from the evening:

Claire Danes, beautiful!!

Reese Witherspoon, this dress is perfect for Valentine's Day!

<3 <3 LOVE <3 <3


Michelle Williams is KILLING ME with her adorable hair cut.  I am having very strong desires to cut my hair again, like I did when I was first pregnant with Enzo.  I forgot how much I loved the ease of fixing it.  Currently my hair is just frustrating, the asymmetrical cut isn’t working since it’s grown out and I just don’t know how style it!   Hmm…we’ll see how long I can hold out before I end up at the hair salon.

*  Claire and I are going to take Enzo to the park today to meet our friend Lacye.  I realized that he is almost a year old and he’s never swung on a swing set!  We must remedy that.  Don’t worry, I’ll get pictures.

I can’t get my spacing to work on this post, so I apologize if it comes across as a jumbled mess.

It’s time to make some lunch, I hope you are having a great day!







New dolls in my Etsy shop

I love the hearts on their cheeks, I initially did that for Valentine’s Day but I like it so much I think I’ll start doing that on all of them!

What do you think?



Sleep, part deux

Last night Enzo did really good in the sleeping department!  Yay!

Claire had volleyball practice from 7-9pm so Mark put the baby to bed at his normal 7pm bedtime.  I guess he wasn’t very interested in drinking his bottle and he didn’t want to lay in his crib.  (I even bought one of those toy things that you hang on the crib and it plays music and lights up.  I got one that looks like a fish tank.  Enzo is too smart though, he knows we are just trying to create a diversion so instead he gets mad because he can’t grab the fish floating inside the plastic chamber.  In short, it just makes him frustrated, and I will probably be returning it.  It came with a remote, however, and Enzo loves playing with it! Go figure!)  So he put him to sleep in his swing instead.

But when Claire and I were getting ready to come home, I got a text saying that the baby was “wakey wakey”.  Which was fine, because my body was ready to nurse him anyway.  So when we got home I took him in his room and nursed/rocked him to sleep and put him in his crib.  He wasn’t totally asleep, so he laid there and thrashed around for awhile but didn’t make a peep and eventually conked out.  This was at 9:30pm.

And he slept until 1:30am!  I then nursed him again and rocked him to sleep, but it took a couple tries laying him down in his crib before he wouldn’t immediately start to cry.  So at about 2am I put him in and he eventually fell asleep again.

And he slept until 6am!  Yay Enzo!

That is progress, for sure.  Not sure if it had to do with the later bedtime, short nap beforehand or what.  I think tonight we’ll have to do the same schedule, cause Claire has practice again.  We’ll see if it was a fluke or if maybe we are onto something that works for him.

In the meantime, here is what naptime looks like when he isn’t ready to go to sleep…


this was this morning, blurry because I used my phone camera 🙁

He makes it freak out when he does this, it plays music and when the batteries are getting low the music will just stop playing when he sits up like that.  And it clicks really loud because it can’t do it’s swinging motion with him sitting up, I think the swing is about to go by the wayside.  He’s pretty hard on it, obviously.  I wish I could get him used to sleeping in his crib for naps but that’s another challenge I am not quite ready to face.

* Don’t worry, we buckle him in so he can’t fall out and that thing is really sturdy on the ground the way it’s built.  Even his chunky butt can’t topple it over! 




Something we aren’t getting very much around here.  And this would explain my absence from blogging for the past week, because it is literally consuming me.

Enzo doesn’t like to sleep.  And I have no idea how to fix this.

At first, about five months ago, I thought it was due to teething and that it would eventually get better.  But now, with seven teeth halfway grown out of his gums, and no relief in sight – I am perplexed.  We’ve tried giving him tylenol at bedtime, and rub the teething gel on his gums to give him instant relief until the tylenol kicks in.  But this doesn’t seem to make a difference in regard to sleeping duration so I don’t think that’s the cause anymore.

Last night he awoke at 3:30am and was wide awake.  I nursed him, which he seemed half interested in and he kept letting go to babble about something.  He loves to babble.  And I love to hear his sweet little voice.  But NOT in the middle of the night.  He proceeded to be wide awake and babble/cry for the next two hours.  Mark and I were both trying to figure out what it was he needed, changing his diaper, rocking him, walking him, more teething gel when the cry seemed painful, replacing the dead batteries in his swing to have that as an option.  After two hours of trying to decipher the baby code, I finally ended up fixing him a bottle of formula since he was refusing to nurse at this point, and then putting him in his swing.  He then slept for two hours.  And thankfully so did we.  Turns out, he was constipated and likely his stomach was hurting him.

I have noticed the past week that he is nursing three or four times at night.  We put him to bed about 7pm and then it’s about every three hours he wakes and I feed him.  And this is after putting him to bed with a six ounce bottle of formula since for some reason he prefers that at bedtime.  So I thought perhaps he was getting his schedule backwards and was starting to think he needed to eat at night, not during the day.  I usually nurse him when he wakes up in the morning, around 7:30am, but then it’s a fight the rest of the day to get him to breastfeed, to the point where I’ve had to pull out the pump and use it a few times in order to not confuse my boobs into thinking we are weaning.  We feed him solid foods during the day, at mealtimes, and he likes to snack on cereal puffs and avocado.  But that’s about it as far as eating during the day goes.

We have also stopped swaddling him at night.  This is night #4 of that business.  He doesn’t seem to be waking any more often than he did when he was swaddled.  But the bedtime routine is all out of whack.  He fights it hard.  He used to get really sleepy as I fed him at bedtime, all swaddled and cozy.  Then I would stand up and rock him back and forth and he’d fall asleep with his head on my chest.  Then I would gently lay him down in his crib and sneak out of the room.  Now it looks more like we are wrestling.  He flails all restless like when I am giving him his bottle and bangs his pacifier on whatever he can come in contact with (my face, his bottle, the crib behind his head), or he scratches at my neck/chin/chest.  He’ll try and sit up and I’ll lean him back down.  Then when he decides he’s done eating, I stand up and try to rock him and he uses all four limbs to push against me, trying to escape my embrace.  So we do this little dance for awhile and he cries until I either give up and take him back to the living room for a break or he gives up and I am able to lull him to sleep.  Tonight he was having a tough time and I suddenly started bouncing up and down with him in my arms instead of swaying back and forth.  This worked.  He’s now sleeping.

Have you read this book?  (caution: strong language)

It’s all just a crap shoot.  And I am a Virgo.  I like routine and structure and staying on schedule.  So I just don’t know what to do with myself.  I spend my spare time googling:

“my 10 month old doesn’t sleep”

“how to get your baby to stop nursing only at night”

“how to make the best martini”  (I’m only kidding with this one, but sometimes I feel like he’s going to drive me to drink!)

When I should be using my spare time to sew my dolls and make clothes with all the fabric I have been hording for years.  So it’s really frustrating and I am desperate for answers.  So far I have read lots of forums where people advise to just deal with it because they are only babies for so little time, or find whatever works for getting your baby to sleep even if it means giving up your personal space (family bed).   And I HAVE considered this, many times.  Because selfishly I desperately WANT to GET some sleep, I LOVE SLEEPING.  But our queen sized bed doesn’t fit the three of us comfortably and I don’t want my husband to sleep in the recliner every night.

So either we need to find a king sized bed, or get some actual advice on how to help Enzo get some sleep.


I better go try and get some before he wakes for his first feeding, by this last week’s pattern I would say he’s due to wake up in just under two hours.

Have you, or do you know anyone, who has struggled with their children in regards to sleep?  How did they make it through?


Okay, so I can’t leave this post on a Debbie Downer note, so instead I will introduce you to my cousin Bobbi’s darling baby boy, who is five months old and we met for the first time the weekend before last.

This is Trick!


… and here are the boys in the morning, in Great Grandma’s kitchen.  I think we need to get Enzo a bean bag, he thought it was really fun!



I think he looks like me in this picture, and here’s why:

can you see the resemblance?


While I was trying to finish this post, he started fussing and stirring.  I waited for a bit to see if he could work it out himself, but he started to lightly cry.  So I picked him up and set him straight up against my chest, and with his knees tucked and arms up by his face, he immediately fell back to sleep and didn’t move.  He wasn’t even suckling his pacifier.  So I waited a minute and then put him in his swing and turned it on to rock back and forth.  Whatever keeps him sleeping.

That’s where I am at.  And now I am seriously GOING TO BED.



Kade & Kallyn

Here are my cousin’s adorable children with the dolls I made for them for Christmas!  Pretty stinking cute if I do say so myself!


Do you want to see more of my dolls?  Go here!



Happy New Year!

We celebrated New Year’s Eve with good friends and family, hosting our fifth annual party!  Normally we do a theme that people come wearing a costume for, but this year we decided to just have a night of intellectual stimulation.  And it was a success!

I put Enzo to bed at his regular 7pm bedtime but unfortunately he woke up around 10pm and I couldn’t get him back to sleep.  So he joined the party!

wearing my favorite accessory

party animal

We had a few littles at our party this year!  David, one of Mark’s soccer mates brought his 3 year old daughter Eva.  And Eddie & Owen (who is also 3) came for the first half.   They had a lot of fun playing with Veda’s littlest pet shop toys in Enzo’s room.



Our party guests…

George and Drew

Jared and Julie

Andi & Tony (and Eva, who is too cute and showed up in a lot of pictures)

Julie <3

Some good looking gents - Perry, Tony and Drew

We kicked the night off by playing some Minute-To-Win-It style games, drawing two names to participate in head to head competition.

First up – David and Althea (Claire’s friend who stayed over) doing the game called Hanky Panky.  They had to pull out all the kleenex from the box using only one hand, first one done wins!

Althea won!

Next was the game Breakfast Scramble where Jared and Amber had to put together puzzle pieces to make the front of a cereal box.  Amber was the winner for this one.


I think the most fun game to watch was Perry and Julie playing How’s it Hanging, where they had to get the oranges into a hula hoop using a banana swinging from their waist.


Amber laughing at (with?) Perry

Julie and Tony had to shake their stuff playing Junk in the Trunk, where they had to shake all the ping pong balls out of a kleenex box attached to the back of their waist.

Tony won!

And finally, Drew and Tony faced off in a game called Face the Cookie, where they had to get a cookie from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands.  Tony was a pro at this, like he had done it before!  Drew thought he could just will the cookie to move by staring at the ceiling, that didn’t work too well for him.

cookie on his forehead, not moving

Tony won!

I am glad we have smart friends who were such great sports.   Mark put together some trivia questions, among them movie quotes from the last four decades, and pictures of notable deaths from 2011.  Everyone broke into teams:

The "A" team

Team Awesome (a Scotsman and two 13 year olds, it was interesting)

The Loners

Team O'Neil

And there was a little cheating…

no iPhones!

I think everyone had fun, and it wasn’t a walk in the park either.  Mark made the questions kind of tough!  I don’t even know who won because by the time we played all four rounds, with the countdown to midnight happening in the middle, nobody really cared to crown a winner.   Thank you to everyone who made it, we had  so much fun and we loved welcoming in 2012 with such great company!!  Happy New Year!