Happy Birthday Dr. King (January 15th)

 “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
This particular quote is very relevant right now, especially when things like this happen in public and nobody steps forward to help.  I would like to think that if I were riding the Max that day, that I would have done SOMETHING.
The kids are out of school and Mark has the day off from work, so happy holiday to us!  Thanks Dr. King for letting us celebrate your birthday with a three day weekend.
Random things Monday:
*  I heart Anderson Cooper!  Claire and I started watching his show while she was home for three weeks over Christmas vacation, and he just seems like such a great guy.  But what really did it for me was when he did a show honoring his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.  What an interesting life, full of adventures and tragedy and love.
* We watched the Golden Globes last night, here are a few of my favorite dresses from the evening:
Claire Danes, beautiful!!
Reese Witherspoon, this dress is perfect for Valentine's Day!
<3 <3 LOVE <3 <3

Michelle Williams is KILLING ME with her adorable hair cut.  I am having very strong desires to cut my hair again, like I did when I was first pregnant with Enzo.  I forgot how much I loved the ease of fixing it.  Currently my hair is just frustrating, the asymmetrical cut isn’t working since it’s grown out and I just don’t know how style it!   Hmm…we’ll see how long I can hold out before I end up at the hair salon.

*  Claire and I are going to take Enzo to the park today to meet our friend Lacye.  I realized that he is almost a year old and he’s never swung on a swing set!  We must remedy that.  Don’t worry, I’ll get pictures.

I can’t get my spacing to work on this post, so I apologize if it comes across as a jumbled mess.

It’s time to make some lunch, I hope you are having a great day!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dr. King (January 15th)

  1. I’m doing it. It’s decided. Tomorrow when Claire gets home from school, I am going to have a total makeover. I want that honey blonde color she has as well. I mean, shoot, might as well go for the entire look right?!

    Kira – trust me, the ease of it is AMAZING. I never had to use my blow dryer, or straightener and five seconds after I got out of the shower it was dry! When you are a Mom of a little, that’s the best thing ever. I usually have time to towel dry my hair and then I just fix it as fast as possible (which never looks good) because Enzo doesn’t really care what my hair looks like, but he does care when my attention is not on him!

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