Sleep, part deux

Last night Enzo did really good in the sleeping department!  Yay!

Claire had volleyball practice from 7-9pm so Mark put the baby to bed at his normal 7pm bedtime.  I guess he wasn’t very interested in drinking his bottle and he didn’t want to lay in his crib.  (I even bought one of those toy things that you hang on the crib and it plays music and lights up.  I got one that looks like a fish tank.  Enzo is too smart though, he knows we are just trying to create a diversion so instead he gets mad because he can’t grab the fish floating inside the plastic chamber.  In short, it just makes him frustrated, and I will probably be returning it.  It came with a remote, however, and Enzo loves playing with it! Go figure!)  So he put him to sleep in his swing instead.

But when Claire and I were getting ready to come home, I got a text saying that the baby was “wakey wakey”.  Which was fine, because my body was ready to nurse him anyway.  So when we got home I took him in his room and nursed/rocked him to sleep and put him in his crib.  He wasn’t totally asleep, so he laid there and thrashed around for awhile but didn’t make a peep and eventually conked out.  This was at 9:30pm.

And he slept until 1:30am!  I then nursed him again and rocked him to sleep, but it took a couple tries laying him down in his crib before he wouldn’t immediately start to cry.  So at about 2am I put him in and he eventually fell asleep again.

And he slept until 6am!  Yay Enzo!

That is progress, for sure.  Not sure if it had to do with the later bedtime, short nap beforehand or what.  I think tonight we’ll have to do the same schedule, cause Claire has practice again.  We’ll see if it was a fluke or if maybe we are onto something that works for him.

In the meantime, here is what naptime looks like when he isn’t ready to go to sleep…


this was this morning, blurry because I used my phone camera 🙁

He makes it freak out when he does this, it plays music and when the batteries are getting low the music will just stop playing when he sits up like that.  And it clicks really loud because it can’t do it’s swinging motion with him sitting up, I think the swing is about to go by the wayside.  He’s pretty hard on it, obviously.  I wish I could get him used to sleeping in his crib for naps but that’s another challenge I am not quite ready to face.

* Don’t worry, we buckle him in so he can’t fall out and that thing is really sturdy on the ground the way it’s built.  Even his chunky butt can’t topple it over! 


  • Kira says:

    Yay Enzo, I hope it’s a sign of things to come!

  • Granda Bill says:

    Just think in another month or so a whole new challege. Enzo will get his balance and those two little legs will open up a new world for him. I think once he’s walking he will get plenty enough exercise to wear him out and he will begin sleeping at night. Mother will get her exercise also trying to keep up with son. Just imagine what it would be like if Enzo was twins.

    • Melissa says:

      I am excited for that chapter of his little life! And yes, I have a feeling he is going to be non-stop once he starts walking (running!) and he’ll fall into bed exhausted at the end of each day. I actually had a dream a few weeks ago that we had twins, and I was SO TIRED!! Haha…

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