Sleep, part three

Have you been wondering how our adventure in sleepland is going with Enzo?  Well, allow me to update you! 

On Saturday Mark suggested that he be the one to get up with Enzo all night, so that he didn’t have the option to nurse.  So we gave that a shot.  Mark spent most the night walking a crying baby around the house, and they spent some time in the recliner watching Blue Planet on the TV.  He put him to sleep in the swing every time he got him to doze off.  I didn’t get much more sleep than they did, doing my best to follow them around the house without letting Enzo see or hear me.  There were several times when I just wanted to give up and say “give him to me, I’ll nurse him!”.  But somehow I managed to stick to the plan.  And he went all night without nursing, and was happy to have his Mommy back when he woke up at 5:30am.  At that point I nursed him and put him back to sleep for a couple hours.  That was Night #1.

Night #2 went a little better.  He still did some walking and this time they watched Disney’s Oceans, but Enzo cried less and was able to go without nursing all night again.  But he slept in his swing again, which wasn’t a habit we wanted to start forming. 

So Monday I was determined to do some sleep training with him laying down for naps, in the hopes that it would transfer over to his nighttime routine.  So I moved the co-sleeper into his room, next to his crib (it’s getting a little cramped in there with all this furniture, but whatever).  I tried to let him “cry it out” with the first nap and surprisingly he only cried for about five minutes and then he laid there quiet for another twenty minutes before falling asleep.  I was so happy!  Unfortunately though he only stayed asleep for a half hour.  Boo.  So I tried putting him in his swing and he slept again for an hour and a half.   I tried the co-sleeper again for an afternoon nap but he was scream-crying (as I like to call it, you know, the kind of cry where if you didn’t know better you’d think he was being tortured?) so I promptly picked him up.  Which meant no nap for baby. 

At bedtime we were determined to make this happen.  I did the normal bedtime routine, bottle and nurse him (if he wanted to, sometimes he does and sometimes he just wants the bottle), then I rocked him in  my arms and he fell fast asleep.  But the second that I laid him in the sleeper, he was wide awake and crying.  But I left the room anyway and we let him cry it out, which only took about 20 minutes or so and then fell asleep.  He awoke shortly after 11pm, I had already been in bed asleep and Mark had just come to bed, so he went in and gave Enzo a few pats and made sure he had his binkie, then Mark came back to bed.  He cried for a little bit, not really all that serious though because I fell asleep.  When I woke up and realized the house was silent and Mark was sleeping next to me, I checked the time on my phone and it read 1:13am.  Apparently he had worked it out on his own and gone back to sleep!  He fussed a bit again about an hour later and we contemplated whether to go in there and repeat what Mark did earlier (reassure him with a few pats and make sure he has a binkie) or just let him try to work it out.  We waited a few minutes and his cries were starting to get serious so Mark went in (pat pat here’s your binkie) And then Enzo fussed a bit for another 10 minutes and fell back to sleep.  And he slept until 6:10am.  So he didn’t leave his sleeper all night long, and just needed to be reassured once the two times he woke up.  Progress!

Tonight he cried for a little longer at bedtime.  Even though he was asleep in my arms when I went to lay him down, the second his body touched the bed he was up and angry!  I finally ran myself a hot bath and hoped he’d be asleep before I got out.  And he was.  I am hoping that the rest of the night goes even better.  Maybe Mark won’t have to go in the room at all.  We are holding off on having me go in and do the consoling because he seems to get more agitated when it’s me.  Probably because he knows that he could be nursing.  Daddy doesn’t have anything he wants, haha.  You know, I mean, besides love. 

So that’s where we are at.  My goal is to get him to the point where I just lay him down awake and he knows what to do and can fall asleep with minimal to no crying.  In a perfect world.  This will be very beneficial to me because starting next week, I am going to be a Nanny!  My next adventure!  More on that later…


P.S.  I’d like to give a special shout out to my awesome Father-in-Law Bill!  Today is his birthday and we wish him the happiest!  Love you Dad!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Bill!

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