Something we aren’t getting very much around here.  And this would explain my absence from blogging for the past week, because it is literally consuming me.

Enzo doesn’t like to sleep.  And I have no idea how to fix this.

At first, about five months ago, I thought it was due to teething and that it would eventually get better.  But now, with seven teeth halfway grown out of his gums, and no relief in sight – I am perplexed.  We’ve tried giving him tylenol at bedtime, and rub the teething gel on his gums to give him instant relief until the tylenol kicks in.  But this doesn’t seem to make a difference in regard to sleeping duration so I don’t think that’s the cause anymore.

Last night he awoke at 3:30am and was wide awake.  I nursed him, which he seemed half interested in and he kept letting go to babble about something.  He loves to babble.  And I love to hear his sweet little voice.  But NOT in the middle of the night.  He proceeded to be wide awake and babble/cry for the next two hours.  Mark and I were both trying to figure out what it was he needed, changing his diaper, rocking him, walking him, more teething gel when the cry seemed painful, replacing the dead batteries in his swing to have that as an option.  After two hours of trying to decipher the baby code, I finally ended up fixing him a bottle of formula since he was refusing to nurse at this point, and then putting him in his swing.  He then slept for two hours.  And thankfully so did we.  Turns out, he was constipated and likely his stomach was hurting him.

I have noticed the past week that he is nursing three or four times at night.  We put him to bed about 7pm and then it’s about every three hours he wakes and I feed him.  And this is after putting him to bed with a six ounce bottle of formula since for some reason he prefers that at bedtime.  So I thought perhaps he was getting his schedule backwards and was starting to think he needed to eat at night, not during the day.  I usually nurse him when he wakes up in the morning, around 7:30am, but then it’s a fight the rest of the day to get him to breastfeed, to the point where I’ve had to pull out the pump and use it a few times in order to not confuse my boobs into thinking we are weaning.  We feed him solid foods during the day, at mealtimes, and he likes to snack on cereal puffs and avocado.  But that’s about it as far as eating during the day goes.

We have also stopped swaddling him at night.  This is night #4 of that business.  He doesn’t seem to be waking any more often than he did when he was swaddled.  But the bedtime routine is all out of whack.  He fights it hard.  He used to get really sleepy as I fed him at bedtime, all swaddled and cozy.  Then I would stand up and rock him back and forth and he’d fall asleep with his head on my chest.  Then I would gently lay him down in his crib and sneak out of the room.  Now it looks more like we are wrestling.  He flails all restless like when I am giving him his bottle and bangs his pacifier on whatever he can come in contact with (my face, his bottle, the crib behind his head), or he scratches at my neck/chin/chest.  He’ll try and sit up and I’ll lean him back down.  Then when he decides he’s done eating, I stand up and try to rock him and he uses all four limbs to push against me, trying to escape my embrace.  So we do this little dance for awhile and he cries until I either give up and take him back to the living room for a break or he gives up and I am able to lull him to sleep.  Tonight he was having a tough time and I suddenly started bouncing up and down with him in my arms instead of swaying back and forth.  This worked.  He’s now sleeping.

Have you read this book?  (caution: strong language)

It’s all just a crap shoot.  And I am a Virgo.  I like routine and structure and staying on schedule.  So I just don’t know what to do with myself.  I spend my spare time googling:

“my 10 month old doesn’t sleep”

“how to get your baby to stop nursing only at night”

“how to make the best martini”  (I’m only kidding with this one, but sometimes I feel like he’s going to drive me to drink!)

When I should be using my spare time to sew my dolls and make clothes with all the fabric I have been hording for years.  So it’s really frustrating and I am desperate for answers.  So far I have read lots of forums where people advise to just deal with it because they are only babies for so little time, or find whatever works for getting your baby to sleep even if it means giving up your personal space (family bed).   And I HAVE considered this, many times.  Because selfishly I desperately WANT to GET some sleep, I LOVE SLEEPING.  But our queen sized bed doesn’t fit the three of us comfortably and I don’t want my husband to sleep in the recliner every night.

So either we need to find a king sized bed, or get some actual advice on how to help Enzo get some sleep.


I better go try and get some before he wakes for his first feeding, by this last week’s pattern I would say he’s due to wake up in just under two hours.

Have you, or do you know anyone, who has struggled with their children in regards to sleep?  How did they make it through?


Okay, so I can’t leave this post on a Debbie Downer note, so instead I will introduce you to my cousin Bobbi’s darling baby boy, who is five months old and we met for the first time the weekend before last.

This is Trick!


… and here are the boys in the morning, in Great Grandma’s kitchen.  I think we need to get Enzo a bean bag, he thought it was really fun!


I think he looks like me in this picture, and here’s why:

can you see the resemblance?


While I was trying to finish this post, he started fussing and stirring.  I waited for a bit to see if he could work it out himself, but he started to lightly cry.  So I picked him up and set him straight up against my chest, and with his knees tucked and arms up by his face, he immediately fell back to sleep and didn’t move.  He wasn’t even suckling his pacifier.  So I waited a minute and then put him in his swing and turned it on to rock back and forth.  Whatever keeps him sleeping.

That’s where I am at.  And now I am seriously GOING TO BED.


4 thoughts on “Sleep.

  1. I hope you get some sleep! I have been using the google machine a lot lately. “Why does my 3 month old scream when I try to feed her?” It’s awesome. At least she sleeps at night I guess.

    And, Enzo looks so much like you in that photo!

  2. Oh dear, I feel so bad for the non-sleep happening in your household! That literally can consume every part of your life. I wish I had helpful advice for you.. Cruz has never been a cuddler, so we have always just put him to bed awake, all swaddled, and he will fall asleep within a matter of minutes. {this is one area we haven’t had to worry about.. but he hasn’t been the easiest baby other than that! as in, he won’t nap anywhere but his own crib, he hated crowds and people for the first four months of his life, etc. Sigh..} Anyway, I am also a scheduler type of person, so that’s what I needed for Cruz and it happened to work for him. I really really really hope that you can resolve this issue SOON!! Mama needs her sleep! 🙂
    Your babe is sooooooo adorable though!! I so see what you mean when you said that my babe reminded you of yours. Those cheeks!! That chub! It’s the best, isn’t it?

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! Hope you come back again. I’ll be keeping up with you and your sweet family! 🙂

    Andrea xoxo

  3. Enzo looks so much like you! It is like a flash from the past – and sometimes he looks a lot like Paul, too. I see that handsome Mark in him, as well. What a doll!

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