A busy week ahead!

February is a big month for us in the birthday realm!  Veda will be turning 11 on Thursday and we’ll be having a small family gathering at our house in the evening.  She has requested lasagna for dinner and I am happy to oblige.  She is vegetarian so I usually make it with lots of spinach and sometimes broccoli.  I haven’t decided yet what all I put it in this week, perhaps I will add some vegie grounds this time?

We are also gearing up for the 1st birthday party of our sweet little boy this weekend!  So as you can see, I will have many things to do in the next couple of days!

On the list:

*  Make bow ties for all the little boy guests

* Make hair bows for all the little girl guests

* Finalize the dessert offerings and get all the supplies for a bake-o-rama on Saturday, thankfully my good friend Karen will be here to assist me!

* Make some simple decorations, mostly having to do with Enzo’s monthly onesie pictures to see how much he’s grown over the past year!

* Decide what we are getting our kiddos for their special days and then buy them!

*  Plan some fun things for the little guests to do, since they will be ranging in age from 0-11.  I originally put the girls in charge of this but it might be more like I come up with what to do and they step in the day-of and actually handle the children.  Which I am sure they will be more than happy to do!

Enzo is finally feeling better and no longer has his yucky cough.  So this week I hope to get him on the right track with taking naps again.  Mark put him down this morning before he left for work and he’s surprisingly still asleep (it’s been an hour!). He seems to do fine when his Daddy puts him down, but for me it’s a totally different story.  I get it.  But seriously, it’s not practical on days when Mark isn’t here.  So we need to figure out our own little system, him and I.

In fact, our month is so full of birthday celebrations that I almost forgot about Valentine’s Day being tomorrow.  Mark and I both informed each other that we hadn’t done anything for one another, then laughed, then decided we should just buy a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s and call it good.  Be “those people”.  Heck, it’s pizza, works for me!  Yay love!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!  I think we are going to get one more day of nice weather and then it’s going to get cold again.  Did you take advantage of the sunshine this past weekend?


  • Kira says:

    Busy! I can’t wait to see how Enzo’s party turns out 🙂

  • Karen says:

    You are super busy!! I’m just glad I can help! Also, you need to look at Pioneer Woman’s veggie lasagna recipe for veggie inspiration…to die for! See you this weekend!

    • Melissa says:

      Yum! I am definitely making that! Holy mushrooms batman! I might need to change out those for spinach and broccoli this time though, and do the mushroom version when it’s not for the kids. I LOVE mushrooms but them, not so much.

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