Enzo – 1 year!

12 months old!

One year ago, I still can’t believe it, our lives were forever changed by the birth of this sweet little man.  I will always cherish the intimate details of that day, sharing it with my close friends Brandee and Sascha and feeling the incredible strength and love from my husband as I labored through the night and morning and then pushed for 3 1/2 grueling hours.   It was all worthwhile when my eyes met those baby blues, making the beautiful connection between mother and son, a love like no other in this world.

Mommy accessory = drool on her sleeve <3

Do you remember when he was this tiny?

just a peanut!

Neither do I!

In honor of our boy turning one year old, we threw a huge party and invited all of our friends and family.  We reserved the upstairs at the Laurelwood Public House & Brewery, because we love that place for eating out (they have a great children’s menu and play area).  And it couldn’t have been more perfect!  From the start, speaking with Bobbie and making our reservations, to the day of when our server Micah was there with superior customer service and patience (we crammed a lot of guests, including about 20 children, into that little place!).  It was chaos, but it was super fun chaos and the adorable kiddos helped keep him smiling I’m sure! I was really bummed when my good camera again decided to stop working a few days before, so forgive the poor quality of the photos, I did the best I could.  In hindsight, I wish I would’ve hired a professional (friend) to take pictures.  Regretfully I did not get enough shots of the party guests, because I was just too busy doing my best to mingle with all of them!

Here was the invitation:


Details of the party:



Enzo's personal applesauce cake

favors for the littles

I made all the little guests a special take-away.  The boys got bow ties, and the girls got hair bows.  My favorite part was when some of the little girls decided to take bow ties instead and wore them during the party!  Soooooooooo adorable!!

Birthday boy:

So dapper!

Claire and her little bro

3 generations of Ritchie men!

No, you aren’t seeing double, that is Mark with his Uncle Chuck on the left, and his Dad on the right!

I made an applesauce cake for Enzo, so that I could control the amount of sugar he ingested.  He didn’t end up eating too much of it, which surprised me.  I think there was just too much going on around him.  The night before I had given him a piece of it to make sure he didn’t have any allergic reactions, so as not to ruin the party the next day with a red faced vomiting birthday boy.  Nothing happened, except that he inhaled the cake!  He was loving it.   So I figured he’d dive right in when given the chance at his party.

Patiently waiting, while everyone was singing him the birthday song...


...oh yeah, get some!

I wish that I had more photos of our lovely guests, here are a few that I did get:

Scott and Roslyn


Sam seriously working on her puzzle...


Raine <3


Enzo and his buddy Mike


Ebin, Ethan and Evan


Ebin in full regalia!


Aaron (with one of his twin boys) and Mark


sweet kiddos!


Julie and Evan


Raine and Enzo = best buds!


Claire and Enzo = <3

I can’t say enough thanks to accurately explain how grateful we are to all of our friends and family for making the day so incredibly perfect!  We love you all, and it’s been amazing to share our family with you.



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