Enzo – 11 months!

I’m incredibly late with this post – it seems that the past couple weeks have been super busy and my to-do list just keeps getting bigger and bigger!  So let me do this so I can cross it off the list!


Our big boy is a month away from turning ONE YEAR OLD!  Holy cow, time fleeeeeeew by.  Everyone says it does, and everyone is right.  I am way behind on his baby book, I don’t believe I have written an entry since 9 months?  Maybe 8.  Ugh.  And I have big plans for putting together a photo album in time for his birthday bash, but it’s coming up on me quickly so I’m not sure I’m going to have time.  It’s a goal, we’ll see.

He looks worried

Enzo is really starting to be interested in walking.  He will walk all over the place and lead the way if you are holding onto his hands.  And he is also comfortable with standing for a few seconds on his own!  I try to place him against things, like the couch or chair or recently the plastic storage bin my dolls are in, so he can hang on to it unassisted.  Tonight he was standing against the box and then started to walk around it and reached out his arms to come towards me.  It almost worked.  He plopped on his butt and then was mad.  Speaking of mad, he wasn’t really in the mood for the photo shoot the other day, here is his mad face…


He is eating lots of different things now, trying new flavors and textures.  He likes to do it himself, finger foods, so I try to think of things that he can easily get into his mouth.  Like bananas, easy.   But little macaronis, not easy.  I’m learning.

Most importantly, he’s SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT.  I know.  It’s amazing, and I’m so happy it’s finally happened.  I really think Mark taking the lead and getting up with him those two nights started him on the right path.  And then we let him cry it out and he does so good.  For example, this evening we put him down at 6:30pm and he cried for maybe a minute.  And he will sleep now until about 6am.  I KNOW, RIGHT!!  He does whimper and fuss every now and then but he’s able to soothe himself back to sleep with no help or interference from us.

Now naps, that’s a different story.  He won’t do it.  We used to put him in his swing and he’d be out within five minutes.  Two naps a day, for at least an hour and a half each.  Now, he fights it hard, he refuses to lay back in his swing, he starts crying as soon as he knows you are putting him down for a nap.  But today he really needed to sleep, so I literally drove him around for two hours, parking every once in awhile, just so he could get some rest.  We are both fighting colds right now, so I knew it was important that he take a nap.  Otherwise I would’ve done like every other day and deal with the 40 minutes (maybe, if I’m lucky) he’ll nap.  Ah well, I guess we traded one for the other.  So I’ll take the 12 hours at night, and keep fighting to get the naps back on track.

He’s such a fun and happy little boy, and every day he makes me gush with love.  I am so excited to celebrate his first birthday with our friends and family.  It will be a great party!

Hope you are well!


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