Happy Birthday Veda!

Tonight we celebrated Veda Rose turning 11 years old!  It was a huge success, with her requested lasagna dinner (I used this recipe but switched out the mushrooms for spinach) and super yummy cupcakes from Cupcake Jones (courtesy of Grandma Trudie!).

Hat from Aunt Yolanda in Spain


action shot by Grandma Betty!


happy girl!

I would love to say that it was a super fun evening and everything went perfectly, but that wouldn’t be completely true.  See, I decided to feed Enzo the lasagna, minus the tomatoes (he seems to react poorly to them) and peas for dinner.  He inhaled them, even as his chin started to shine bright red (apparently the juice from the tomatoes was enough to cause a bad reaction).  After dinner his chin looked really painful and he began to itch at it.  Then from there it moved up to his eyes and he was really uncomfortable.  After Veda opened her gifts he started to jabber and so we put him down on the floor to play.  Next thing I know he’s throwing up his dinner all over the place!  And I don’t mean baby “spit up”, I mean hurling his guts out.  And I swear the boy didn’t chew a single bite because it all came up exactly as I cut it up for him on his tray.  Peas, whole.  So I stripped him in the tub and sat him on my lap waiting to see if he was done getting sick.  His rash started to show up on his chest and he was itching pretty ferociously.  We put some anti-itch gel on it and put his jammies on.  He was acting really tired so we put him to bed, he wasn’t interested in drinking a bottle first.  About an hour or so later he cried, so I brought him out to the living room to inspect his rash and it had mostly gone completely away.  He still wasn’t really interested in his bottle but he seemed annoyed that I brought him out to the lit up room.  So I put him back in bed, and that is where he is sleeping soundly now.  I really don’t know what happened.  But I hope he’s feeling better in the morning.  Poor baby!

Other than that, the evening was fabulous!  Haha…

One birthday party down, one more to go!  I am making good progress on all the party favors for Enzo’s party Sunday, I can’t wait to see all of our friends and family who will be attending!  We have about 20 kids coming, it will be so much fun!

Happy Friday!


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