65 degrees and sunny!

Yesterday was so beautiful, we just couldn’t stay indoors.  I really had no idea how nice it actually was until I was putting Enzo in the car to head to a park and was sweating in my sweater!  I had to run in the house real quick and grab a t-shirt so I didn’t die.  And I also took his sweatshirt off of him because it was about 80 degrees in the car.  It was really nice to drive around with the windows down and I will admit to even turning on the A/C (hey, the fan on cold was not cutting it!).

We chose Laurelhurst Park as our destination because I knew it would be filled with lots of people, mostly families and I know the area relatively well.  I know it might sound silly, but I am just not as confident in our society as I used to be.  I didn’t want to be in a park that was so big that there might be a time when I was by myself.  And I wanted to be familiar with the layout.  I am sure it was really beautiful up on Mt. Tabor but I just don’t know that park well enough, and it’s huge, with lots of hills and trees and places where you might be out of sight from other park-goers.  I’m not taking any chances.  Too many crazy things happening in our world these days, unfortunately.

It was almost Enzo’s afternoon nap time but I figured the fresh air would do us both some good.  So I loaded up his bag with snacks, a football, some bubbles and a blanket to sit on.  We walked a few laps around the park (which felt really good on my legs, I definitely want to do more of that).  And then we settled in a little grassy area next to the duck pond and spread out our blanket.  I sat him down and got out his grapes and then took his picture.  And as I’m sending the picture to my Mom via text message, I look over and he has dumped the entire bottle of bubbles in his lap!  Ah well.  So he sat in suds and we enjoyed the next half hour of sunshine.  What a nut : )

eating his grapes


giving Curious George some kisses


playing with his football (from Uncle Chuck and Aunt Stephanie!)

It was a lovely time and we hope to make that a regular thing  But now the rain is coming back so it might be a week or so.  Meanwhile, my hometown is experiencing a drought and I would gladly give them some of our precipitation if I could!  I hope for the farmers sake, that they get some moisture soon.

Oh, and Enzo learned how to say bye-bye this week!  He even gives a wave.  It’s pretty stinking cute.

Happy Friday!


  • Kira says:

    Enzo’s wave is the best! The weather yesterday was perfect. Can we get lots of rain for your family, but have it stay magically sunny here? That would be great.

  • Uncle Chuck says:

    Laurelhurst park brings back good memories. When Grandpa Bill and I were kids each summer meant a trip to there for the annual Morrow county picnic. It was so big and green and fun to roam around and the food was wonderful. We didn’t however, think to much about the “hugs and kisses” from friends and relatives especially as we grew into our teens. On a nice day, and they usually always were, there was never a more fun place to be.

  • Grandpa Bill says:

    And to continue on from the thoughts of Uncle Chuck as we always have different thoughts. We would wander around the park looking for girls. You notice I said looking, we were to shy to approch them and start a conversation. Great Grandpa George enjoyed so much seeing old friends and family from Morrow Co. But, as it always goes,people get older and pass on and the traditon goes away. I guess well have to start a new tradition and get people together from Morrow, Gilliam and Wasco Co. Laurelhurst Park would be the perfect spot. The sunshine is nice and it’s nice to be able to get out and enjoy it. This time next year Enzo will have a new brother or sister to take a walk in the park with Mom.

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