Enzo – 13 months!

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At which point do we stop stating their age in “months”?  Ah well, so the little goofball turned 13 months old yesterday.  We had a chill day, staying indoors due to yucky cold wetness outside.  And the fact that he is still trying to get over a lame cough and runny nose, and now I am sick with a cold as well.  So we snacked a lot, and practiced walking.  He is getting so good.  He will let go of your hand and try it on his own now without hesitation.  He does still prefer a hand to hold, but if he wants to get somewhere and he feels it’s a short enough distance that he can handle, then he’ll let go and head there.  I love to watch the confidence grow in him every day.  He is incredibly goofy and makes me laugh all the time.  I can’t wait until he starts actually saying things because I have a feeling he’s got some serious wit about him.

making a mess in the kitchen

We started him on a dairy free diet on the Saturday before last, in an effort to to try and treat his eczema.  He’s had dry patches on his legs and arms since he was a few months old, and I figured it was just dryness that he would grow out of.  But at his one year checkup I decided to bring it up with his doctor and she recognized it right away.  Sometimes it is caused by a soy or egg allergy, but since he doesn’t really get a lot of those two things then we decided to cut out milk first.  And we’ve seen a huge improvement.  It was getting to the point that he would scratch himself until he broke the skin if there was an area exposed.  I tried to put him in a t-shirt and pants jammy set one night and he went to town on his stomach.  Then one night last week the footie jammies he was wearing had gotten a little small and so the sleeves were shorter than necessary.  He scratched his left arm pretty good cause he could get to it.  I think he might even do this in his sleep, not even realizing.

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I also picked up some lotion by Cetaphil with restoraderm, and since we started using that it’s pretty much gone completely away.  So now I’m not sure if it’s the lotion or the dairy-free diet.  But one thing is for sure, goat’s milk makes for some seriously SMELLY diapers.  Every now and then I will give him a regular yogurt (because holy cow (no pun intended) goat’s milk is expensive!) and the occasional handful of goldfish, and he doesn’t seem to have a reaction.  So I am thinking we might give it a few more weeks and then try to reintroduce dairy, and just keep the lotion going.

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He is also on a fruit only kick right now.  The only exception is noodles.  He won’t even eat potatoes, I KNOW!  SHOCK.  The boy who used to eat potatoes at every meal.  I don’t know how he does it either but he knows when I have something fruity to give him and when it’s a vegetable, before I even get the spoon to his face.  He prefers to eat finger foods still.  I’ve tried to introduce a few meats and he’s just not having it.

He loves to drum on things, especially if it makes a lot of noise.  His Daddy has been giving him pots and pans to bang on with wooden spoons this week, and he seems to think that’s the greatest thing ever.  It’s REALLY loud.  He also likes to sit in the pantry and get the coffee can and hot chocolate can off the shelf and play them like bongos.  I told him if he keeps it up I’m going to set him down at Saturday Market and he can earn some cash.  I see a drumset in our future.  And that’s fine, I love that he is already showing signs of musicality.

He consistently babbles and has a lot to say.  He likes to be the loudest one in the room talking.  He only says a couple of “real” words:  Mama, Dada, baby, bye-bye.

Being a stay at home Mom is hands-down the BEST job in the world.  I am very blessed.


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