My fun day!

Today was not a typical day in our house!  I started the day off by going grocery shopping, something I normally put off until the afternoon.  And I have to say, I was in super slow motion at the grocery store, going down every aisle whether I needed to or not.  And Enzo was super patient with me (the squeeze bottle of baby food, blueberry/apple, helped I’m sure) even though it was during his morning nap time.  And I was totally relating to my friend Kira’s blog post about “Portlander Problems” where she got caught in a downpour with groceries in a paper bag.  This is not good.  It was dumping when Enzo and I left the store, and for some reason I parked on a relatively slanted part of the parking lot (cause it was close to the door), not thinking through how difficult it would be to keep the cart from rolling while I was trying to load the kid in the car.  I unhooked him from the cart, turned to put him in his seat and I had this feeling that my cart was rolling away.  Sure enough I turned around just in time to grab it before it hit the car parked next to me.  Sheesh.  That would have been ugly.  So I stabilized it with my foot and then tried shifting bags of groceries from the cart to the back seat of the car.  All the while it’s raining like mad and my bags are getting soggier and soggier.  Thankfully, the clerk double-bagged everything so I didn’t have any blow outs.  But Kira, I was totally thinking about you while this was going on.

I thought I could get Enzo to nap when we got home, even though it was close to 11am at that point (he usually takes his first nap by 9:30am).  But to no avail.

At around noon, our friend Dan dropped off his adorable son Raine (7 months old) for me to watch for the afternoon.  Their sitter had a sick kid, and I was available (yay!) so I happily accepted their request to look after him.  I mean, seriously, look at this face…

smoochy smoochy!

…wouldn’t you say yes?

Raine is the easiest baby I have ever taken care of (including my own!).  He slept for two and a half hours (Enzo did not), so there wasn’t a whole lot of time for him and Enzo to play.  But they still had fun.  Enzo was showing him his toys and Raine was proving that tummy time is actually pretty awesome (he does the army crawl, and man he moves fast!).

"see, this is my car"


"hey Raine, are you sure this is fun?



The girls got home from school and the babies were in heaven.  And Mark and I got a taste of what four kiddos in the house is going to feel like.  It feels a bit cramped, I’ll be honest.  But it’s cool, we’ll make it work.

Why is Enzo so serious?

We made some homemade pizzas for dinner (Jiffy pizza crust mix is cheap and super good!) and then Dan came to pick up Raine.  Then it was time for Claire and I to rush off to volleyball practice.  It was a busy day, but it was a fun day.


3 thoughts on “My fun day!

  1. Yeah, the grocery store is definitely not my friend! I’m sorry you had to go through that! Did you see my post on Facebook? Not only did I end up with a soaked baby and groceries, I also dropped a glass jar of alfredo sauce and got it all over myself. I think I will save grocery trips for when Jeremy is available to help out from now on.

  2. Oh no! I’m sure that smelled awesome! I wish we could just have the men do the grocery shopping, but I don’t know about you, but I’m too much of a control freak on that concern. I like certain brands of things, and usually don’t stick with my list. Alas, whatareyougonnado?

  3. Oh man. I can’t believe I am only now just commenting on this!! Haha. Better late than never!

    I am SO glad you could watch him that day. With family far away, when our babysitter gets sick (or her children) we sort of panic! So thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I should tell you that I think Raine enjoyed himself. After he came home, he was a new man. He must have been rejuvenated by a little dose of Enzo. He started pushing up on his arms and knees to try and crawl and talked non-stop. He never talks! So we were more than happy to hear every gooo garrrr wiaiahhhh about his day. 🙂

    I hope we can arrange some play dates because he needs bro time! Haha.


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