Out to lunch

How was your weekend?  Besides incredibly wet and grey, if you live in the Pacific Northwest.  We stayed indoors most the weekend, oh wait, the entire weekend is more accurate.  I didn’t get very much accomplished on Saturday because I was having a very strong feeling of morning sickness all day.  All day.  It wasn’t fun.  So then on Sunday when I was feeling somewhat human again (thanks to my husband for picking up some ginger capsules for me! I think they are helping), it was time to think of something to do.

Mark and Veda headed over to Circuit Bouldering to do some physical exercise.  And Claire and I were considering seeing a movie, but couldn’t find one that we were interested in.  So instead we made plans to go out for lunch.  I wanted some place that was kid-friendly, with a play gym or something fun for Enzo.  But unless you want to go to McDonalds or another fast food chain, your choices are pretty limited.  If you know of a cafe in town that has a fun little play area, possibly with a ball pit or something, let me know!  So I read about this place not far from home called Eclectic Kitchen that apparently had a great kids menu (including little bites for toddlers) and a play area. Turns out the play area is just a huge chalkboard on the wall (which will be fun when Enzo is a bit older and won’t want to just eat the chalk) and a shelf of toys and books that I wasn’t really comfortable with him playing with (germs!).  But the food was super good!  I had the BLT-A and Claire ordered the Turkey Bacon Ranch sandwich.  They use bread from Grand Central Bakery and it was so yummy!  And I sat us at the only table that didn’t have a little kids menu pop up on it, so I didn’t see those options until I had already ordered.  I ended up getting a side of breakfast potatoes for Enzo, which he loved.  No really, he LOVED them.  I think the kid would just fall apart if he was told he could never eat another potato.  It’s seriously his favorite food, in any form, doesn’t matter.  He was eating them very noisily (“mmm mmm’ing” the whole time, a couple at an adjacent table thought he was pretty cute).  Compliments to the chef!




It was at least nice to get out of the house.  And I was happy to not be feeling like death.  It comes and goes.  So far today, I’m feeling okay.  But it’s still early, usually doesn’t come on until around noon.  I’ll be loading up on ginger and B12 to try and combat it.  And we will be 13 weeks along tomorrow, officially in the 2nd trimester, so hopefully it ends soon!

Hope you have a fabulous Monday!


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