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We hope your weekend was fabulous!  Claire and I were at volleyball all day on Saturday at her tournament in Salem.  The girls did good, they were a little slow to get going in the morning pool play so they ended up playing in the consolation bracket for the afternoon.  But they won that, taking 5th place overall.  There were some great games where they played awesome, and Claire did amazing!  She is really getting strong at the net, gaining confidence in her hitting ability and blocking the ball!  I love to watch her!  And her serves were really consistent, out of the 5 games they played she only missed 2 serves.  Those are long days, we usually leave the house before the sun is up and get home long after the sun has gone down.  So I left Enzo at home with his Daddy for the day.  I missed him, but he had a blast with Daddy all to himself.

Yesterday, I took Enzo out to a friend’s house in Hillsboro for a group baby play date.  When I was pregnant with Enzo, there were also about 12 other girls in the Design department who were expecting.  So it was really fun to keep in touch with a few of those friends and compare Mommy notes.   Here are four of those adorable babies (including Enzo)…

Lucas (May 13th), Issabella (April 15th), Enzo (February 20th) and Sawyer (February 24th)

Enzo is the oldest and also the least mobile of the four, but also the most vocal.  What can I say?  He just isn’t in a hurry to get around on his own, but he has a lot to say about it.  Sawyer is walking, and the other two are crawling and walking along furniture.  Issy tried to take a few steps on her own while we were there, so she is really close.  Enzo enjoyed using her walker, which prompted me to try and find one for him.


I didn’t find this exact one, and I might end up taking it back.  What I liked about the one that Issy has is that the weight is distributed in such a way that the baby controls whether it moves or not.  The one I picked up yesterday is pretty lightweight, so the first thing Enzo did was pull it back on top of himself because he weighs more than it does.  What I also like about the one pictured above is that the handle grows with baby.  So it can adjust as they get taller.  I know he doesn’t have much farther to go before he is walking and maybe it’s not worth buying a new toy that he’ll maybe use for a month.  But there is baby #2 on the way who could also get some use out of it.  The brand of the one above is Little Tikes, but it’s no longer being produced so I may have to search out one that’s at least made by that brand because they obviously know what they are doing.

After about an hour, Issy and her Daddy left to go get their photos taken.  So the boys enjoyed playing, and crawling over each other, oh and eating snacks!  Lori (our gracious host Mama) brought out some yogurt snacks, and puffs and the boys were like little voltures circling around her.  It was pretty cute.

Lucas giving Enzo some friendly pats, and then Enzo patted his own head I guess to show Lucas that he already knew how to do that?


Sawyer, such a big boy!



It was really nice to catch up with the girls and hear their stories about motherhood so far.  I hope we can make this a regular event, because I think it’s really good for Enzo to have this interaction with other littles his size!

Thanks Lori for hosting, you are always so kind to do so!

*here are some outtakes from the group shot, I love how Enzo doesn’t really move through the whole thing, while Issy and Lucas were ready to bail off the couch!






Haha…oh babies!

Happy Monday!


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