a little bit of happy!

I saw this today on Facebook, what a sweet surprise!

Thanks Milagros!


Now for the embarrassing story… I was so excited about this that I immediately grabbed the laptop and headed for the workspace to show Mark.  I completely forgot the baby gate was up in the doorway to corral the dogs and walked right into it. As my Dad would say, I went “ass over tea kettle”, dropping the laptop and landing on my face/hand.  Meaning, my hand caught my face but I did end up with a little rug burn on my forehead, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a heck of a bruise on my upper thigh where it collided with the gate.  Oh well, it could’ve been worse.  Nothing broken, baby on board was not affected, laptop is still functioning, it’s all good.  I should’ve been paying more attention.

We are getting new windows installed in our house today!  So exciting, and the best part – Enzo just took a two hour nap despite all the noise!

Happy Monday to you!


  • Kira says:

    They look great! How are they selling?

    Also, glad you are ok! And also excited to see you tomorrow 🙂

    • Melissa says:

      They seem to be doing well at Milagros, but I have yet to hear from the other three stores. I keep meaning to check in with them, either drop by and ask if they want me to take them home or bring others or what. But I just haven’t done it.

      I’m excited for tomorrow too! I can’t wait to see Pearl’s outfit ; )

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