Fuchsia Saturday – Thanks Mom!

Today my Mom treated us to a day of gardening extravaganza!  She had recently picked up a raised garden bed kit (basically the wooden sides already built, with some screws to hold them together) from Bi-Mart because she knew I was interested in trying one out this year.  And since the weekend forecast called for sun and fairly warm temperatures (65 degrees, hey we take what we can get in the Pacific NW!), we planned to put it together today.  She had read about what was called the “lasagna” style of gardening where you put layers of soil/manure/cardboard/newspapers/mulch into your garden bed and then soak it and let it sit for a few days.  It all joins together and produces a very fertile soil perfect for planting fruits and vegetables. We used chicken poop!  It smelled like the county fair.

And today was also the 22nd annual Fuchsia sale at Fred Meyer, where fuchsias are on sale 5/$3 and they fill your pots with soil for free!  And they will even plant your flowers in the pots while they are at it, if you want.  I left Mark at home to mow the lawn (we also used the lawn clippings in the garden bed) and the baby and I headed to meet up with Grandma Trudie and Auntie Andi.  It was really chilly out, and cloudy, which was completely opposite of what the forecast was saying, so we had to bundle up.  But Enzo didn’t seem to mind the cold.  He actually really enjoyed entertaining those around him, mostly older ladies, and pointing his finger at things.  He likes to point.  And he likes to point and talk like he’s telling you something very important.


and pointing...

talking and pointing...

Then it was home to start in on the yard.  It looked so nice after Mark mowed it, it’s really a beautiful dark green right now and despite the attack of the dandelions, it’s not in that bad of shape.  Oh, and the dog trails.  We dug up last year’s pathetic excuse for a garden, which had turned into a field of weeds and a parsley plant (random).  Mark hammered our garden bed together and Mom and I layered up our soil/poop/paper bag lasagna.  It looks great!

(forgive the blurry photos, I used my phone and I need to practice more to get the focus more accurate)

raised bed

Now I just need to get a plan together of what things I would like to plant.  So far I am thinking this:

* Tomatoes (I’m the only one in the house that eats them, so I’m thinking small ones to just snack on not cook with)

* Squash (any variety, I’d like to learn how to cook more dishes that use squash)

* Pumpkins (for Halloween, duh!)

* Broccoli (I might put Veda in charge of this one, she likes broccoli)

* Celery (if it grows okay in this area, I love to snack on celery)

* Carrots (we eat lots of carrots around here, Enzo especially likes them)

I’d like to do onions but my brother assures me he’ll have enough to feed the entire block so I should just eat his.  Same with cucumbers.  I don’t really use fresh herbs for cooking, I’m not that fancy (or culinary educated) so I don’t think I’ll bother with herbs this year.  That random parsley plant that survived from last year?  Yeah, I’m sure it would have been useful had I cared enough to notice it was doing well.

So here’s what else we did around the yard…

new flowers in pots




new fuchsias in the hanging pots


New azalea (left) to go with the surviving azalea from last year (right)


the raised garden bed, just so proud of it!


we have no idea what this brick thing is, it's like an old bbq pit or something but it's really cool, Veda planted wildflowers in it last year and they came back, complete with a few tulips! Oh and the owl, it also came with the house, score!


My handsome husband, surveying his hard work (that is a greenhouse on the right, not a port-a-potty though that's what it looks like at first glance in this picture : (

Mark ended up with 19,000+ steps on his pedometer today.  Which roughly translates to almost 10 miles.  I think that’s insane!  Enzo loved being outside, playing in the grass and dirt.  He was barefoot in the backyard and it was awesome.  He’s getting really good at this walking thing, but not good enough that he’ll just take off on uneven ground yet.  Next month, we’ll be chasing after him I’m sure!

We ended the day with a delicious dinner, bbq’ing some burgers with the beef that Mark’s parents gave us.  I am going to say it was the best damn hamburger I’ve had in a long time.  It was about an inch thick and cooked perfectly through.  Yum!  I only wished I could have enjoyed it with a nice cold beer, but alas I have 4 months before I’ll be doing that again.

THANK YOU MOM!!!  It was such a fun day and we are so grateful for our beautiful start to a bountiful garden this year.  Come play in our dirt anytime!


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