Maternity style

With my last pregnancy I wore a lot of maternity pieces that I either bought off Ebay or at stores like Target and Motherhood Maternity in the mall.  In other words, I took the easy way out.  I have a degree in Apparel Design.  I learned how to drape, pattern and to some degree do alterations.  Now do you see why I say that was the “easy way”?

This time around I am hoping to use more of my own skills, and less of my bank account, by making things to fit my growing belly using the tools I have in my head and the supplies I have in my sewing room.  Between the two, I should be able to outfit myself right up until the day I give birth.  And since it is almost summer, the majority of these items can be simple little dresses!  Easy peasy!

I am planning to do a weekly segment titled “Maternity Dress Project – Week #____(whatever week along I am)” for each week of my pregnancy starting next Monday with Week 18.  Woah!   It’s going by so fast!

Here are some dresses that my sewing machine is dying to create…

by More than Me Maternity


So whimsical and beautiful, I also love the fabric kites!


A wrap dress is a definite must! This fabric is so sweet, too bad I can't recreate it somehow! by More than Me Maternity


I won't need the boots or the cardigan for this one of course, but I love the button front! My cowboy boots would go perfectly! from


Florals are huge right now and I intend to try this top out. It's so simple, and I have lots of loud floral printed jersey in my fabric library already! from


I already bought a dress for my sister's wedding in July, but now that I've seen this number, I may need to re-think my choice. I LOVE the neckline on this! Way to rock it Selma Blair!

So stay tuned for more on this.  I was inspired by the 52DressesProject blog by another Portland gal.

What were your favorite maternity items when you were pregnant?


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