We’re Pregnant! 18 weeks

Hi all!  I realize it’s been a few weeks since my last pregnancy update post.  I mainly put this off because I felt like there wasn’t anything major to update you on, and also I was waiting for my belly to pop a little more so that you could actually see it in the photos.  Don’t get me wrong, I started showing pretty much immediately (third time around) but it wasn’t really a “pregnant belly” sort of tummy.  You know what I mean.

But here we are… 18 weeks along!


Outfit details:

Top – made by me two summers ago, also made one in purple solid knit – I love them!

Shorts – Old Navy maternity, handed over by friend

Sandals – Sorel spring ’12 line – they were gifted by my Mom! (cause she’s AMAZING)

It was such a beautiful day again today.  We broke the record temperatures over the last three days.  It was pretty awesome  to have all the sunshine and Enzo loved how much time we spent outside.  He is definitely an outdoorsy boy.  Today we went on two walks, ate our lunch on a blanket in the backyard and played in the front yard while we waited for Claire to come home from school.

me and the boy

How big is baby?   6 inches long, 5.5 oz heavy and roughly the size of a sweet potato

Maternity clothes?  Yes, most of my regular shirts no longer fit over the belly.  I am still able to fit into regular jeans though, and I have been doing my prenatal fitness DVD so hopefully that continues to be the case.

Sleep:  Still sleepy early in the evenings, a few times I’ve fallen asleep on the couch after putting Enzo to bed (which happens at 7pm) and Mark has woken me up to tell me to go to bed.  I am doing better during the day though, and I think it has to do with exercising.

Movement:  A few little flutters here and there.  Or if the baby does a big maneuver like turning over or something, I can feel that.  But mostly still quiet in there.  It’s okay, it can put off that part as long as possible.  Enzo was a maniac and it was super annoying towards the end.

Food cravings:  Not really, and I haven’t been as hungry as I was in the first trimester.  Definitely not snacking all day long.  I will do a small snack in between meals (crackers and cheese, fruit or a small bowl of something salty) but not every time.

Have you started to show yet:  Oh yes, definitely a baby belly now.  The most fun comments are when people ask how far along and then react with “oh!!!!”  like I’m way bigger than I should be.  I love that.

Gender prediction:  Nope, and I honestly don’t care either way at this point.  But that doesn’t mean we are going to wait to find out.  I am certainly not that patient, plus I like to have all my ducks in a row.  We have an ultrasound scheduled for the 1st of May and we’ll find out then.

What does Enzo think?  About a week ago he pointed to my belly and said “ball”.  But other than that, I don’t think he really has any idea what’s happening there.


My sweet little blonde boy!  *sigh* pretty soon he won’t be the baby anymore.  I can’t think about it, it makes me sad!

I know I promised a post on my maternity sewing project would happen today but I wanted to get this one done first.  So look for that coming tomorrow.  Claire has a regional volleyball tournament this weekend, so I thought I would make a comfortable dress to wear with leggings for the day.


  • Grandpa Bill says:

    Thanks for the update. Always look forward to your postings. Great Springtime pictures. Enzo and Mommie are growing, together. That doesn’t sound right, but you know what I mean.

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