…and here we are at home.

This isn’t where I thought we’d be after the last blog post was written five and a half years ago – but I’ll get you up to speed with the condensed version, then move on…

We welcomed a new member to our family (Everjean Ophelia!), bought a van, had alot of laughs and some great road trips, moved into a bigger house – …hum de dum.. – I moved out of the bigger house. Found a rental. Lost alot of sleep. Hiked and camped as much as I did pre-marriage. Worked on repairing a broken heart. Let a doctor take my broken appendix. Kept smiling through it all.

Like I said, this isn’t where I thought we’d be, but we’re here, we’re healthy (although I have a nasty cold at the moment) and we’re still laughing (mixed in with a few tears, temper tantrums and standard issue bumps and bruises).



The kids and I moved into our new place in Oak Grove, Oregon just over a month ago. The home is perfect for us. It’s just off the Trolley Trail, which gives me a one-way path directly to my terminal on the South end of the Orange Line. This means I can hop on a bike in the morning, cruise up the trail, catch the 20 minute train ride to the aerial tram at the base of Marquam Hill


, ride it up and be at work in 35 minutes. The commute is about the same as it was before (on a light traffic day), but I avoid the cost of parking on the hill and the aggravation of sitting in traffic along with my fellow seasoned Oregonians and all of the recent Oregon transplants (from everywhere else).

We’re a mile from Enzo’s school, where he started 1st grade a few weeks ago and where Everjean will join him for Kindergarten by this time next Fall. Veda is a bit further from High School, but we were pleasantly surprised when she found that the commute is actually shorter than it was at our last residence closer to Downtown Milwaukie. She started her junior year of HS this year and officially enters IB curriculum as a full-fledged National Honor Society student (She hopes to finish HS with a 4.3 GPA). I think she gets her academia genes from her mom – I was lucky to get through High School in 4 years.

Our house is a cozy 1972 built, 1200 sq. ft. 3-bedroom “castle” (metaphorically speaking). I spent so long looking for the perfect home that anything less than a “castle” just wouldn’t do. It has central A/C, a cat door (that our dog Charlie somehow manages to squeeze through), 2 refrigerators, a freezer and a 4-person hot-tub. Yes, a hot-tub. I have never owned a hot-tub, and most that I’ve seen at other houses are decommissioned, deconstructed or de-working (that’s not a word, I know). Anyhow, I’ve learned myself up on the maintenance of consistently germ-free, hot water that Everjean currently enjoys at least 7 times a day.

We’re within a half-mile of 3 different parks and a short walk from access to the Willamette River. My Uncle and Aunt gave me their Canoe (A well-weathered Ritchie vessel from way back in the nineteen-hundred-and-eighties) that I plan to hitch up to a bike and use as much as possible.


The youngins’ will go back to their mother’s tomorrow for the next 5 nights and although I had planned on enjoying a date (via tinder, yes tinder – more on that in another post) for tennis this weekend (and canoeing), I’ll likely stay in and nurse my body back to health so I can be ready for the next week of work (which is always busy these days)… but I won’t rule out a last-minute canoeing trip just yet. Maybe Sunday.


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