18 miles on the trolley trail…

It was a weekend without the kids. My ex and I co-parent 50/50. It’s not ideal for either of us of course, but I’ll admit – as much as it’s difficult to be without the kids sometimes, it is nice to have the free time on a regular basis.

Since moving into the new place, the kids and I have been able to use the Trolley Trail alot. When the kids are with me, we’re visiting the parks connected by the trail most days (when it’s not raining – and Summer has been kind) with or without Charlie (our aging pup). When the kids are with their mom, I can take much longer walks, jogs, and runs in either direction. Although I’ve yet to head too far south, I have ventured North toward Milwaukie quite a bit.

The trail leads up Arista, past Oak Grove (and my new favorite watering hole, “The Vinyl Tap“), through the trees next to a creek, past the orange line station on Park and down the hill where it finally ends opposite Downtown Milwaukie next to the Willamette River waterfront. If I leave from the trail behind my house, it’s a total distance of 3.1 miles (6+ miles round trip).

While I had planned to take a canoe to a lake on the mountain, or venture out of town for a hike on Hood this weekend, the weather was a bit iffy – so I decided to hit the trail instead (a few times). I made 3 total trips to Downtown Milwaukie and back. Friday night, Saturday and this morning (Sunday).

Today was Farmer’s Market day in Milwaukie – which happens annually from May through the end of October. Although it was a showery day, I figured it was best to try to partake while the partaking was good – so I headed out and made it downtown in a little under an hour.

The rain had just started when I arrived. I had planned to get some produce while I was there, but then realized that I had forgotten my shopping bag.. The information desk had plenty available, but they were branded MFM and priced at a whopping $10, so I declined and decided to spectate instead.

There’s always something happening in Downtown Milwaukie on Farmer’s Market day. Across the street, the Ledding Library holds a sort of clearance sale of old books, shops open up wares on the sidewalks, and then there’s also oddities – like the “Carnival”, where today, a very large, happy but creepy man clown was steering passerbyers into a somewhat marked building… I steered clear. And I won’t provide a photo, because ya’ll don’t need or want to see that.

Anyhow – I spent about an hour milling about the downtown area and market – then headed the 3.1 miles back up the Trolley Trail to my place. I then hopped in the family van and went to visit my Aunt Judy and cousin Jodi out in Fairview. Jodi gave me a nice E-Z boy recliner that Charlie has already made his own.


Look for back-dated blog posts soon!! I’ve cleared out the pre-2013 category and will be creating fresh posts for some of my adventures/older instagram photos from the summer – because every photo has a story – right?

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