Sewing projects!

On Sunday I attended a HUGE clothing swap here in Portland.  It was pretty awesome.  For $5, you were able to fill as many bags as you took (of course you took them full of your own clothes to swap to begin with, and then filled them with other things there).  I took two reusable shopping bags from Joann’s that I had laying about, and I filled them both with new duds (well, new to me anyway).  And when I say filled, I mean FILLED.  I was worried they weren’t going to let me get away with it, because I almost couldn’t get the handles to touch using one hand to carry.  But they actually gave me kudos for finding so many things I liked!

There was the biggest table, that was full of tops, a table of skirts, a table of pants (which I didn’t really bother with because I have to try them on and I wasn’t really wanting to put forth that much effort), a rack of dresses that was pretty minimal, a table of kids stuff, a table of coats, a pile of shoes and various small tables of accessories and miscellaneous things.  I scored a pair of boots by Enzo Angiolini, who I’d never heard of but couldn’t resist them since they were my size and had the name on Enzo on the inside.  They are a little outdated style wise, square toe but I like how tight they fit my calves, I have small legs and it’s hard to find boots that don’t just gape out up top.  I also grabbed a couple other little pairs of cheapo boots, just for kicks.  And then several items of clothing that I can wear throughout my summer pregnancy.  A few of the things will require some adjustments, like a skirt that is size XL but was so cute I couldn’t resist (and hopefully will be able to take in the sides no problem).  And one skirt whose zipper is broken and needs replaced but it looks like it will take no work at all to make that happen.  And then some t-shirts I grabbed just for the neckline, cause I plan to cut them off at the waist and use some knit material I already have to make the dress bottom maternity style.  All in all, it was a successful day!  Thanks to my lovely friend Sascha for also going and then treating me to lunch afterwards, you are a dear!!

I will post pictures along the way as I do some of these little projects, hopefully.  The trouble with that is sometimes I just on a whim go to the sewing room and start working.  And that’s when I totally forget to take pictures until it’s too late.  But I’ll try to be more proactive this time.

Happy Sewing!